June Strala Home Calendar: Search Within, Create Your Own Unique Path

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Search Within. Create Your Own Unique Path.

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is self-realization. When we practice ease, connection with what’s inside and all around, bringing what we are into harmony, we give ourselves space to notice what’s going on. We notice what we need. And our uniqueness starts to rise up.

It can be scary sometimes, seeing ourselves for who we are. Especially when so much of the outside message tells us to be like everyone else. Fit in. Don’t rock the boat. The outside and inside messages don’t always match up.

Thankfully our community here supports the inner confidence we need, to be fully ourselves and go after using our energy for good. You are not alone. When we search within, with the support and encouragement of those around us, we create our own unique path. We need you to realize who you are, be well enough to step into your confidence, and use your energy for good. We’re all on the same circle here. You’re important.

We’ve packed this month’s calendar with loads of practices to help you search within, feel the support of this community, and create your own unique path. We’re so grateful to practice with you at StralaHome.

Create Your Own Unique Path 

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