Making a Small Connection

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s o f t e n 

In a hazy montage of reflection, occasional learning, and wall-staring, I was able to make a small connection between an early quarantine thought and an early yoga experience.

Early March 2020
You’ll Need
Safety. Practice. Connection
Now What
Let’s get a little class going.Early September 1996
You’ll Need
Everything this structured practice of feeling better has to teach me.
Now What
Share with friends immediately.


Experiencing something that you suddenly love automatically leads to sharing. A fantastic meal, a good book, an awesome person. A great secret is so much better when shared.I started leading a daily yoga class 70+ days ago for anyone who felt the urge to feel a little better, together. I’m having a bit of a YES year. It sounds corny, and it is. It has been a choice that’s somehow managed to give me more energy than I think I deserve, and forces me into semi-regular, critical rebooting naps. Feel, create, rest, repeat somehow took over and I’m along for the ride.Time is precious and I need to protect mine, was an attitude I had lived with for a while until this YES year swooped in. It’s an attitude I don’t like to admit that I had, but there it is. I’ve peeled it off for a new reality. We’ll see what stays. Now I experience time is precious and I need to share mine. A great secret is so much better when shared. Our wellbeing is interconnected. By saying YES to you, I feel better too.

Saying YES has given me more restorative self-care time and somehow managed to open up enough space to connect and share outward. When we soften, our inhale opens and expands us. Our breath literally does the work. When we soften, our exhale relaxes, releases and lets go of anything we don’t need. When we soften we realize our breath is carrying us.  Even when the ride is rocky, every exhale is an opportunity to let go.

I have a theory based on zero scientific information that before the big bang maybe there was an even bigger softening. Without softness, nothing much is possible. By saying YES we allow our whole selves to soften. Maybe before the even bigger softening, the universe whispered YES. A great secret is so much better when shared.

You’ve inspired pitching of a tent, harmonica playing, slow living, nutritious meals, connected parenting, handling the rocky days a whole lot better, daily yoga, and a very special world about to form from this even bigger softening, Strala Home, our global studio coming soon. Thank you for saying YES with me. Together, we are soft enough to be strong for anything.

b a n g   b i g  

Strala Online Event, 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, June 15-28

Now it’s time to share.Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, Rest and Renew You. An awesome group of new and long-time friends and Guides is gathering for this epic event. We are preparing the magic for you, filling up journals with our structure and new inspiration for the familiar Strala Training Programs. Welcome home to your ease.



Strala Online 30+Hour Tai Chi Chaun Workshop, The Classic Sequence

Tai chi is a form to practice, but it’s really a practice of coming into harmony with your whole self and the world around you. Dive in further and learn Tai Chi fundamentals and the Tai Chi Chaun sequence (the one you see graceful people doing in the park). Let’s get that going in a park near you soon.

Take good care of you, love, Tara, Mike, Daisy and the Strala fam