Making Your Own Yoga

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This is Margaux.
This is Margaux in downward dog.
Any questions?

Like how can this little creature be so cute? I don’t know, I guess it has something to do with grand design, and survival, and cuteness being a factor in making sure the young get fed and all that. Who cares, all I know is she is my niece and looking at these photos makes me feel happy. So I thought I’d share them.

I took these pictures on a recent trip to California. Eli and I went to visit my family for a couple days (San Clemente, California is a great little beach town by the way- try to go there someday). Apparently my sister Simone has taught Margaux to do mini yoga poses. Simone and my mom both recently discovered yoga and it’s wonderful to see how much they are enjoying the practice, and how their bodies are responding to it so eagerly.

It’s always fun to watch someone who is just beginning to experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. It reminds me in some ways of watching someone get involved with a new girlfriend or boyfriend. There’s a kind of spring in their step, and they see the whole world from a sunny and positive perspective. The minute I get on the phone with either my mom or sister these days they quickly tell me about how great their yoga class was that day, or how much they liked a certain posture.

I’ll sign off here with one last thing. While it certainly makes me happy that my mom and sister and discovering yoga, it brings me even greater joy that my sister has convinced her husband John (great guy and awesome dad) to try it as well. Let’s just say that historically John hasn’t been the type to try new things, especially ones that he perceives to be esoteric or ‘new age’. Hopefully he will stick with it just long enough to see that it doesn’t have to be any of those things, and he can make of it exactly and only what he wants. Once he realizes that, I think he and yoga just might have a chance of living happily ever after.

– Nico


Nicholas (aka Nico) is a film guy living and working in New York City. Originally from California, he settled in NYC after working and studying abroad for a number of years in the field of International Relations. Seven years (and a massive career change) later, he continues to enjoy a lifestyle full of work, travel and diverse cultural experiences.

Nico discovered yoga about a decade ago while living in San Diego, and has since carried the practice with him. He enjoys not only the physical component but finds the philosophy behind yoga to be very rich and beneficial. Nico also loves to surf and to cook.

He lives with his lovely fiancée Eli (and their fish Patrick), and they will be married this coming January in Miami.

Eli has an awesome blog at ThompsonandPrince