March Strala Home Calendar: Trust Your Intuition

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When you don’t know what to do, take good care of you. As we all watch the horror unfold in Ukraine, whether you personally have close ones there, nearby or not, we are all connected. It’s impossible not to feel it mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s beautiful to see our community, especially those nearby, gather their own coats, food and supplies and work to bring the basic needs and whole lot of love to the refugees in need. Those of us a little further are giving what we can and staying informed to see how else we can be useful. Taking good care of you, is useful.

If you don’t know what to do and are feeling the stress in your mind, body and soul, take good care of you. Drink water. Do your practice. Meditate and pray if that is part of your practice. Reach out to your community. Lean on each other. I’m so grateful to practice with a group daily on StralaHome. Reach out if you need help. Be good to yourself. When we feel better, we do better.

Trust Your Intuition 

Download the March Strala Home Calendar.

March Schedule for Strala Home: The Strala Yoga app

Weekly LIVE Classes (EST)
Monday 8am – 9am: Intention-Setting Meditation & Energize Yoga
Tuesday 8am – 8:30am: De-Stress Yoga
Wednesday 8am – 9am: Gentle Yoga
Thursday 8am – 8:30am: Workout Yoga
Friday 8am – 8:30am: Tai Chi & Qigong
Saturday 8am – 9am: Strong Yoga

Special Workshops – Sundays 8am EST
March 6: Ease into Backbends
March 13: Dance of Life
March 20: Dance of Life
March 27: Restorative

We are taking a special trip to NYC in the middle of the month to catch up with dear friends and also film some beautiful new videos for you. We won’t be live the days we are away, but we have prepared a special March Express of 30 minute practices that will appear at 12am each of the days. The category will be right at the top of the app so you won’t miss it. I hope you enjoy these special classes.

Special Classes (not live)
Thursday, March 17th: 30 Minute Whole You Workout Yoga
Friday, March 18th: 20 Minute Tai Chi for Energy
Saturday 19th: 30 Minute Strong Burst Yoga
Sunday 20th: 30 Minute Big Energy Dance
Monday 21st: 30 Minute Tune in Energize
Tuesday 22nd: 30 Minute Chill Out

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