Energize, Relax, and Restore Yoga Retreat with Tara, Heidi & Mike

Friday August 9 – Monday August 12
Miami Standard Hotel 

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Oh Miami Standard, how we missed you! So happy to return for more great adventures and awesome memories that will keep us hanging on ’til next time.

Each morning we’ll energize your entire body and mind with the classic Strala STRONG class, from 8-9:30am. Tara, Heidi, and Mike each have their own spin on a feel-great flow where you’ll build strength, balance, flexibility and have a ton of fun. Morning part two is another dose of STRONG from 11-12:30pm.

During the afternoon enjoy the gorgeous hammam, spa, and pool, and replenish your bodies with the kitchen’s delicious menu. Come back for your afternoon RELAX 4:30-6pm, an easygoing flow that will release any remaining tension or stress from your body and mind.

Do it all again on Sunday, and stay for Monday 8am STRONG to complete your fantastic weekend of Strala, fun, and ultimate rejuvenation.

Strala STRONG to pool to STRONG to spa to RELAX to good eats, great sleep & repeat!



Retreat Package includes Tara Stiles, Heidi Kristoffer, & Mike Taylor Yoga Retreat Classes from Saturday through Monday, Friday evening H2-Om with Tara Stiles, Mud Lounge Treatment, 10% discount on Spa Treatments and Food & Beverage, and choice of 3 nights or 2 nights stay – 3 nights dry medium single $1,174 and shared $854 per guest – 2 nights dry medium single $783 and shared $569 per guest.

Local Drop-Ins are welcome!
For more info, email Spa Director Mina Gough, MGough@StandardHotel.com


Strala Retreat Class Schedule

Friday August 9
8 – 10P H2-OM with Tara

Saturday August 10
8 – 9:30AM STRONG with Tara
11 – 12:30PM STRONG with Heidi
4 – 5:30PM RELAX with Mike

Sunday August 11
8 – 9:30AM STRONG with Mike
11 – 12:30PM STRONG with Heidi
4 – 5:30PM with RELAX with Tara

Monday August 12
8 – 9:30AM STRONG with Heidi


Tara Stiles
Named “Yoga Rebel” by the New York Times, Tara Stiles is the founder and owner of Strala Yoga, widely known for its unpretentious, inclusive, and straightforward approach to yoga and meditation. Tara has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Lucky, InStyle, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Self, Fit Perez, and Fit Sugar, and profiled by The New York times, Times of India, The Times (UK), and Dagnes Nyheter. Tara is the designer and face of Reebok’s yoga lifestyle line, and author of two best selling books: Slim Calm Sexy Yoga and Yoga Cures. She has created several DVD series collaborations with Jane Fonda, Deepak Chopra, Tia Mowry, Brooklyn Decker and ELLE Magazine. The Alliance For A Healthier Generation, Bill Clinton’s initiative to combat childhood obesity, tapped Tara to help promote activity to the 14,000+ participating schools. Jane Fonda named Tara “the new face of fitness” and Vanity Fair declared her the “Coolest Yoga Instructor Ever.”



Heidi Kristoffer
Heidi is Strala’s General Manager and part of the creative team. She’s also Strala’s resident upside-down girl, in her classes and the Strala Training programs. Nothing makes Heidi happier than being able to share her love of yoga and being upside down in the most fun, safe way possible. Heidi is a true believer that “Yoga Cures.” Lengthening and strengthening through yoga led to a healed herniated disc in Heidi’s cervical spine, and prevented surgery on two broken vertebrae in her lumbar spine. Heidi maintains an intense focus on core integration and alignment, stemming from her desire to use yoga as a tool to heal and strengthen the body. Heidi also believes that playfulness is vital, always balancing strength with levity. In her classes, expect to breathe, laugh and sweat! Heidi is the resident yoga and nutrition expert for SHAPE magazine. Featured in numerous publications, Heidi is a Brand Ambassador for SOLOW Sport and contributes to MindBodyGreen, where she details her quest to find the most delicious and nutritious ways to fuel and re-fuel pre and post-yoga.



Mike Taylor
Mike is a co-founder, guide, and resident healer at Strala. Named “Best Mover” by MindBodyGreen and one of Shape Magazine’s Hottest Trainers, he’s practiced Eastern movement and healing techniques for more than two decades, including tai chi, qigong, and shiatsu. Mike studied mind-body medicine at Harvard, and alternative medicine and psychology at Oxford. After running into walls with standard medical practice in the U.S. and England, Mike left his healthcare roots. He worked at a steel mill for a while, joined a web company, and then founded a few more. He now serves on the board of Odyl, which helps people discover books on Facebook. As Strala has grown, Mike has found his way back to health care done right: helping people let go of stress in their bodies and minds, become their own best caregivers, and live happy capable lives. Mike climbs a few mountains in his spare time, and is the husband of yoga master Tara Stiles.


Check out this fun core routine we shot on the last trip down.



Hope to see you in Sunny Miami!