Once a Year Your Special Chance to Make a Good Connection

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For Teachers and Practicers, Care-Givers, Parents and Leaders
Make a good connection with you, the people you love, care for, and lead.

Join us in Miami, May 8 – 21, for a very special 200+Hour Strala Yoga Training

We’re bringing the whole team together in Miami this year. You’ll have me for yoga, sequencing, leadership and connection. Mike for tai chi, mobility and harmony, the science of stress and longevity. Sam Berlind for shiatsu connection, right where you need it in everyday practice and life.

All these methods have so much that’s shared. Replacing stress and tension with softness and ease. Moving into good connection with yourself, so you can move into good connection with others. Finding harmony and togetherness in you, and with all that’s here to support you. These are skills to add to nearly any tool box.

And more deeply, you’ll find a holistic approach that connects with all the wisdom you’ve learned so far, in all the methods that have been useful for you. It’s something I love so much about tai chi, that all we’re sharing isn’t meant to be practiced or used in isolation. Everything is here to help us, to help each other, through all that we love doing, and all that comes our way.

This Strala Training is the most transformational program we offer, and this time we have for sharing, connecting, supporting each other in person, is priceless.

The theme for this program is making a good connection with yourself and others. Everyone I speak with these days is experiencing some form of burnout, anxiety, or disconnection from self and others. Social isolation and digital addiction are a real danger to wellbeing, and inhibit our thriving.

We’ll focus on the actions of softness, being movable in our own bodies and minds, so we don’t inhibit our own direction and creativity. We’ll find ease and being present while we practice, even and especially when things get hard. We’ll discover the very real mechanics and physiology of giving yourself a break, recovering and replenishing your energy and vitality in every breath and every movement.

Yes, you will get stronger physically. You will also gain a stronger sense of who you are, and how you want to be in your life.

Every program we share holds a healthy mix of people, who come to practice for themselves, are here to learn new leadership skills, have been teaching yoga or a wellbeing practice for years, or are looking for more calm and creative productivity in work and life. Just bring along an interest in taking good care of you. We’ll take care of the rest.

As Strala has grown over the last decade, I’m so proud of our community and our Guides all around the world. I am in awe of how effective this practice is, and how we thrive together.

It’s very special to have a practice that works for your life, your leading, your profession, in a way that never asks that we hurt or ignore one part of ourselves, on our way to helping some other part. It really is bringing all of you to the table, every part of who you are, right here, helping all of you. It’s a truly wonderful way to be, just for you. And a truly inspiring way to share this practice and life with each other.

Please join us May 8 – 21 in Miami. This will be so special, unique, and real.