Moving Toward Balance with Kindness

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Hi Friends!

Slowing down and reconnecting with our wellbeing and our purpose has been on the minds, hearts and actions of so many of us. We’re programed to think slow and steady is weak, while fast and tense is good. We all know how that worked out for the tortoise and the hare, but we still ignore the wisdom. The voice of push, force and struggle is always louder and grabs our attention easier. We get brave and crave slow when something big happens; a breakdown, burnout or for so many, the reality of this devastating year. We have an opportunity to listen and find a better way, for pretty much everything, but we can only listen if we slow down, soften, and allow ourselves to be quiet. The loud fades and progress rises up.

Slowing down is my personal mantra and I know just enough about the healing arts to know it’s a super power. Slow is the action I come back to when I feel the tense, rigidly fast, and the outside voices start to influence a little too much. Slowing down is the inspiration for Clean Mind Clean Body, which I took over 3 years to research and write. That’s a small improvement from my formerly small town girl desperately trying to make good, ambitious, get it done right now, self. A side of myself that I’ve learned to listen to, comfort and let know that the intention and energy is great, but sift it all in slowness and it is magic. We all want to be heard and seen, most importantly, from ourselves.

Click the image below to download the January Calendar, Balance.

Practice Now

Our winter special is happening through Jan 3. Thank you for practicing together, with us. We are grateful for you.

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Take a moment
Slow down
Watch your breath move you
Allow yourself to be movedEasy recipe to feel better & move yourself toward progress. Thanks to lovely guide @inaraa_yoga for the movement inspiration.#stralayoga
Moving toward balance with kindness. Entering 2021 with this vibe, this practice, this mindset can be the shift that points toward a better way. It’s our January theme for Strala Home. Calendar coming to your inbox soon. Make sure you are signed up at Everyone is invited to feel better together.Our wellbeing is connected. Take good care of you and magic happens around you.#stralayoga #wellness #yoga #taichi #shiatsu
Sowing down, softening and breathing. It’s so simple but so hard when we feel off. @aichamckenzie reminds us what we have forgotten, we need YOU, the authentic YOU for this word to be better. If we don’t get the real YOU, it’s not as good for all of us. Join us for this conversation #stralaGUIDES to learn & remember how to prepare and practice. It’s simple but not easy. You have everything you need inside, waiting to be discovered.Join us Dec 26 & 27 for stralaGUIDES our celebration of nourishment, support and inspiration. It’s free for all and everyone is invited.#wellbeing #wellness #BREATHEbyAMCK
Celebrating friendship, love, family and partnership, join us for a conversation with two very special people who met at yoga, became besties and navigated through the rest.Show some love for @nojamyoga @nozomi_sueyasu @jamesgwhite in the comments and tag your yoga bestie.There may be Christmas jumpers and lots of giggles involved in this conversation, full warning.Join us for #stralaGUIDES Dec 26 & 27. Everyone is invited. It’s our free end of year celebration of nourishment, support and inspiration. Link in story to get involved.#stralayoga #wellness #conference