Moving Toward Balance with Kindness

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Hi Friends!

Slowing down and reconnecting with our wellbeing and our purpose has been on the minds, hearts and actions of so many of us. We’re programed to think slow and steady is weak, while fast and tense is good. We all know how that worked out for the tortoise and the hare, but we still ignore the wisdom. The voice of push, force and struggle is always louder and grabs our attention easier. We get brave and crave slow when something big happens; a breakdown, burnout or for so many, the reality of this devastating year. We have an opportunity to listen and find a better way, for pretty much everything, but we can only listen if we slow down, soften, and allow ourselves to be quiet. The loud fades and progress rises up.

Slowing down is my personal mantra and I know just enough about the healing arts to know it’s a super power. Slow is the action I come back to when I feel the tense, rigidly fast, and the outside voices start to influence a little too much. Slowing down is the inspiration for Clean Mind Clean Body, which I took over 3 years to research and write. That’s a small improvement from my formerly small town girl desperately trying to make good, ambitious, get it done right now, self. A side of myself that I’ve learned to listen to, comfort and let know that the intention and energy is great, but sift it all in slowness and it is magic. We all want to be heard and seen, most importantly, from ourselves.

Click the image below to download the January Calendar, Balance.

Practice Now

Our winter special is happening through Jan 3. Thank you for practicing together, with us. We are grateful for you.

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Fire 🔥 Earth 🌍 Metal 🚀 Water 💦 Wood 🌳Which element do you most identify with? Drop a 🔥🌍🚀💦🌳 below.Each month we explore a phase of traditional East Asian healing with a #shiatsu Chat & Practice with #samberlind and @tarastiles We’re thrilled to be able to offer continuing education credit now through Strala Home and even more excited to share these workshops and lectures in addition to our live classes in yoga & tai chi regularly.Refresh & Renew You is our April ThemeSpecial LIVE Workshops (EST)
Saturday April 3rd, 2pm: Art of Sequencing - Creating Theme, Variation & Rhythm
Saturday April 10, 2pm: Shiatsu Chat & Practice - Water Element
Saturday April 17, 2pm: Refresh & Renew You - Restorative PracticeWeekly LIVE Classes (EST)
Monday 8am: Intention-Setting Meditation & Energize Yoga
Tuesday 2pm:  De-Stress Yoga
Wednesday 8am: Gentle Yoga
Thursday 2pm: Workout Yoga
Friday 8am: Tai Chi & Qigong
Saturday 8am: Strong YogaOur wellbeing is interconnected. See you for practice soon. Let us know how we can help.#stralayoga #taichi
Sometimes life is a puzzle. You have to stop and think.Fresh 💌 is there for you.I’m sitting at my parents kitchen table writing this to you. Daisy and Grandma are on the floor putting together a puzzle. Grandma pauses and says, "Sometimes life is a puzzle. You have to stop and think." And here we think we are so different from our parents. Slow down, soften, breathe, feel, and respond. Works for yoga and all of life’s puzzles.As we rush into April and all the momentum dragged along with this past year of epic emotion, ready or not we are headed toward a big release. Aligning our internal pacing with the rhythm of nature and our unhurried breath, instead of allowing our racing minds to take the lead, is necessary to find ease and balance.This Month’s Theme is Refresh & Renew YouWith each inhale I am refreshed. With each exhale I am renewed.When you are at ease, each inhale refreshes you. When you are calm, each exhale renews you. Nature shows us the signs of rebirth with each new bud and bloom. When we take good care of ourselves we are reborn too. When we take good care of ourselves in community, we co-create a vibrant ecosystem, like a magical forrest, uninterrupted to create wild, interconnected, vivid life.#stralayoga
That aprés Gentle #stralayoga glow when you feel balanced, fresh and just like yourself. Thanks radiant @paula_laney for sharing. Drop a 💫 if you practice to connect with this feeling. The real you is always ready to play.
Hang in there, that group joy is coming again. Pic from a London Strala class a while back. Whenever we gather, a great feeling is always there. Stay positive and when you feel down, reach out and lean on someone. Our wellbeing is interconnected. #stralayoga
Mike getting comfortable, creating the environment and revealing community @bof a couple years back.Those you are privileged to lead reflect back how you are. A great reminder to take good care, always improve, and bring your whole self.Leave a comment 👋 with what you see reflected back to Mike here.Our April 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training is centered around community. We’ll work on all the processes of practicing and leading with a special focus and break out sessions on community. Now is the time to be together, whether online or in person, how you are is reflected on what comes back to hang around you.Special topics includeFinding your voice and community.
Creating a regular practice of progress and reflection.
Creating a sustainable path to reach your goals.
Creating connection both in person and online.
Getting out of the comparison mindset, and building a life and business you feel good about.We’re looking forward to spending this time with you. Head to for more information and to get started.#stralayoga #yogateachertraining #taichi #connection #community
Nature time reminds us who we are and what’s possible. Drink water, eat nourishing foods, do your practice, spend time in nature. If you were looking for a checklist ✅ of wellbeing here is a great place to begin. Your daily reminder you are magic. #stralayoga