October Strala Home Calendar: I Can Heal

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When things are easy, relax. When things are hard, relax even more. This last few days I took part in a conference led by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Porges, and Dr. Levine, it’s something explained so clearly in their research. With a healthy neurology, we can experience something temporarily stressful, and the event remains temporary for us. We get to relax when it’s over, and take part in what’s really happening right now.

But for so many of us (Dr. van der Kolk shared that 3/4 of Americans are impacted by traumatic events), our neurology stays in a fear, attack, or shut down state. We don’t get to be in the reality of our lives right now, and instead remain stuck in the neurology of trauma.

There’s a good side to this research, which points right to what we’re here practicing together. We can literally move our way out of this unhealthy neurology, through practice. Feel what you feel, be in a practice of breathing deep, restoring ease, and transforming where you are into something better. It’s a practice written into every step of qigong, tai chi, and yoga to practice this way, and to heal.

I Can Heal. When I take good care of myself regularly I make space for lasting healing.

Download the October Strala Home Calendar.

October Schedule for Strala Home: The Strala Yoga app

Weekly LIVE Classes (EST)
Monday 8am: Intention-Setting Meditation & Energize Yoga
Tuesday 2pm: De-Stress Yoga
Wednesday 8am: Gentle Yoga
Thursday 2pm: Workout Yoga
Friday 8am: Tai Chi & Qigong
Saturday 8am: Strong Yoga

Special Workshops – Sundays 8am EST
Oct 3: Moving in Alignment with Tara
Oct 10: Restorative Yoga with Tara
Oct 17: Yoga the Tai Chi Way with Mike
Oct 24: Yoga as a Workout with Mike
Oct 31: Energize Yoga (Halloween Costume optional)

New Healing Practices *not live – These slide into the library every Wednesday
Oct 6: 15 Minute Yoga for When You Feel Overwhelmed
Oct 13: 20 Minute Hip and Back Release Yoga Flow
Oct 20: 20 Minute Tai Chi for Healing
Oct 27: 20 Minute Tai Chi for Better Sleep

Strala Online Intensive Training: Healing and Support for Trauma
Oct 15, 16, 17 – Strala Online Intensive Training: Healing and Support for Trauma

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