October 2022 Strala Home Calendar: Let Your Breath Move You

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Let Your Breath Move You

Regular practice is important for your wellbeing, overall feeling good, and having a calm clear mind so you can use yourself for good in the world. It’s easy to feel all kinds of forced and not great feelings about getting your practice in, but this month, we’re flipping that around to FEEL GOOD instantly while we practice so we don’t have this funky guilt or should be feeling associated with practice. It’s easy to say yes to activities that bring you joy, whether that’s a concert, cuddling up with a book or going for a walk. Let’s find this feeling in our daily practice so we wake up feeling excited to crawl down to the mat.

Introducing Settle In

This month we’re beginning a new series on the first of the month, Settle In. It’s a bit of a chat, community celebration, and meditation. I’ve been craving more human time with you along with all our yoga and tai chi and shiatsu practice time we have. I hope you enjoy this Settle In. Leave any comments with projects you’d like us to highlight, milestones you’d like us to celebrate, or anything else you’d like to share with our gorgeous global community of ease.

We’re so grateful to practice with you at StralaHome.

Slow down. Soften. Let your breath move you.

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