What To Practice When You Practice Yoga

  Practice how you want to be. Practice being grateful for what you have. Practice being patient with yourself. Practice ease in your body. Practice ease in your mind. Practice mindful communication with others. Practice valuing yourself. Practice valuing others. Practice loving yourself. Practice loving others. Practice using your talents to serve. Watch yourself when you drift off. Practice coming back. Practice how you want to be. Become the person you want to be. Enjoy the ride. xo Tara   PS - Want to practice yoga with Tara? We created a course on MindBodyGreen to help :)  

How to Leave the Kitchen Sink Behind & Make Your Own Radiant Health

  Health and wellness can be tricky areas to navigate. Especially if you live in a big city - or for that matter, if you have an internet connection - you have more than enough opportunity to diagnose every "problem" and throw the entire kitchen sink at it.   This kitchen sink approach gives us more than enough opportunity to get lead along for "random walks." In math, this means no directional movement happens, toward much of anything. In health and in life, it means about the same thing.   We're walking in circles. Something good might happen occasionally and…

You Know You Best

  Let your body move left and right of other people's center, other people's ideas about correct. It's your body, you know you best.   Let your yoga move left and right of other people's ideas. It's your yoga, you know you best.   Let your life move beyond other people's ideas. It's your life. It's a good one, you're lucky!   :) Mike   PS - Want to practice yoga with Tara and me wherever you are? We created a course on MindBodyGreen to help :)      

Make Your Own Rules, Your Own Yoga, Your Own Life

  All these rules are just rules. People trying to make it about them - their guru, their way - rather than about you.   The thing is, you can always choose. You get to make everything there is out of everything you are. You are free.   We're all lucky that way. This isn't just about yoga. It begins in whatever you practice, whatever choices you make every day. There's a world we create by pushing and struggling to get into something that's not our own - to force creation from the outside in.   There's also a world…

How Long Does It Take For Yoga To Work?

  A friend yesterday sent some thoughts my way, pondering the question of time scales. We agree that yoga should work. It shouldn't hurt people. It should only help. We can even say - if it's not working, change how you yoga! Because the yoga you make is the life you make. So the next question is, how long does it take? Does the timing depend on the severity and nature of our problems? Should we understand that yoga works very deeply, over a great deal of time, rewarding daily effort and patience? This sparks an image for me -…
The Value of Support

The Value of Support

Hi Friends, The 21 Day Yoga Challenge is a start of a life changing habit in awareness how we spend our time. For me personally, setting intents each day can be a little scary because all of a sudden I sign up to be accountable for this admirable intent I set out. The great news is, it usually works to some degree or another. The simple act of intending sets up the day for improved awareness of all my actions. I hope you will join us on week 2 of the Yoga Challenge. Our theme is yoga practice, which of…