Hi Friends

Movement is freedom. It’s no fun to feel stuck in a pose or in life. When you allow yourself permission to move how it feels good to move and linger where it feels nice to linger, you are participating in self-care that will accomplish a whole lot more with a lot less effort. Everyone’s body is different so everyone will look very different when they move. When you allow your body to roam around through the structure of a sequence, you experience freedom and your body and mind are in the right mode for building even strength and healing effectively.

Nature is a great teacher of movement, freedom, and exploration. Trees are sturdy, stable, with roots grounded deep beneath the surface of the earth. The trunk stands tall and strong, confident but not clenched or stiff. Branches extend out into the sky with daring vulnerability. Leaves move freely in the breeze without fear of falling. A tree doesn’t brace out of fear when the wind comes. It trusts that it is sturdy and lets the wind do her thing. Animals are a great teacher of movement and balance. Cats, dogs, horses, lions, tigers and bears all move how it feels good to move. They don’t worry about exercising or if they are in the correct position. They use their intuition and feeling as they move. Animals wiggle when they need to wiggle, they roll around when they need to roll around, and they hold steady when they need to hold steady.

There is always movement in balance. We often forget this in our human experience. We sometimes forget and want balance to be steady, still, and live in our idea of a time capsule. We try to conceive of a reality where when we hold our breath and wait, things will stay in balance. We know that isn’t true, but often we try. The more we practice exploring into our bodies, and moving how it feels good to move, the more we become sensitized to how we need to move in order to accomplish what we’d like to accomplish, and become and maintain radiant health and happiness from the inside out.