September 2022 Strala Home Calendar: Choose Ease

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Hi Friends!

I Back Away from Rigidity and Choose Ease

The fall gets busy and that can turn into hectic really fast. Thankfully we have a practice of ease to ground and nourish us. Let’s get to it. This September our theme is Ease. We can all use more ease in all we do. I back away from rigidity and choose ease in my practice and everywhere I can.

We have a great month of practices planned for you. Five new class drops a week from gentle yoga, strong yoga, HIIT yoga, tai chi and everything in between. We kick off the month with our friend, superstar Jillian Michaels, who is sharing a few favorite workouts to compliment longevity and support your overall wellbeing, that we can do with ease.

We’re so grateful to practice with you at StralaHome.

I back away from rigidity and choose ease.

Download the September Strala Home Calendar.


Practice Now

Every little thing is going to be all right ❤️ On the mat with our wonderful guide @moawholmyoga
Morning yoga ☕️ with our wonderful guide
What makes a space feel incredible and welcoming is how YOU are in it. You can literally transform any space into a great one by caring about the people you welcome in it. Even more of a bonus if you sweep the floor and open the curtains and find where it feels best to put yourself and your guests. Big fancy decorations can be nice, but are completely unnecessary to help the feeling of the space. Work with what you have and simplify as much as you can. This works great for any space you welcome people in, at home, the office, or your yoga studio, or even a public space. You lead the experience of how you feel about yourself.#yourspace #yoga #stralayoga #space #welcoming
Move with ease and softness with our amazing guide in Cambridge 🇬🇧
Love this pic of our wonderful guide @yogalisas in Denmark 🇩🇰Yoga should feel like this: fun, delicious, and exactly where it feels best for you.
Instead of good habits and bad habits, tai chi teaches us to notice our habits, become more aware of how we are and more aware of what's happening around us, and make changes when we notice we are out of alignment with ourselves. We can practice this simply with posture, movement and breath body connection. When you notice a habit like slouching forward, or arching your back, or tensing your hands or face, notice how you feel as you shift and change. Be open to the habits you find and work to change being connected to what is happening with you, in your mind, your body and life. #habits #positivechange #mind #body #connection #awareness
Wild thing with ease and a lot more with guide @sinnsafari!