September 2022 Strala Home Calendar: Choose Ease

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I Back Away from Rigidity and Choose Ease

The fall gets busy and that can turn into hectic really fast. Thankfully we have a practice of ease to ground and nourish us. Let’s get to it. This September our theme is Ease. We can all use more ease in all we do. I back away from rigidity and choose ease in my practice and everywhere I can.

We have a great month of practices planned for you. Five new class drops a week from gentle yoga, strong yoga, HIIT yoga, tai chi and everything in between. We kick off the month with our friend, superstar Jillian Michaels, who is sharing a few favorite workouts to compliment longevity and support your overall wellbeing, that we can do with ease.

We’re so grateful to practice with you at StralaHome.

I back away from rigidity and choose ease.

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