Hi Friends,

We get a lot of requests at Strala for handstand tips. Handstand is one of those moves that is super fun, can be super intimidating, and seem like it takes a 25 step process to get to. The reality is and I’m going to be super honest. . . it’s not a big deal. It’s not even that hard to do. When you practice with ease, things become easy, challenges become simple and fun, and the process becomes more fun than the goal, mainly because you blow past your goals so fast!

Important Stuff!

Get comfy

Move with ease

Rock steady

Open your hips, belly, and shoulders as you move.

Here we go!

Come into a down dog.

Get comfy here. Sway a bit side to side, roll around and let your body get real cozy.

Walk your feet in a bit toward your arms.

Put some strength into your arms. (no need to lock your arms, just add some strength)

Take a big inhale and lift a leg up for your down dog split. Roll around in your hips and belly and shoulders. The exploring is important here. Handstand is most easy when it is a hip opener so let your hips feel great here.

Start to rock a little forward and back getting your hips over your shoulders. Take a big inhale and rock forward. Exhale and soften back. Roll through that a few times.

Surprise tip! Keep your legs open a bit. Think of a sea saw, not a tight rope. If you want to do handstand with your legs together that’s fine too, lets save that for after you find the balance. Try finding the balance with your legs open and let it be a hip opener. Trust me here. If you bring both legs up right away you have no room to move.

After you’ve rocked for a while on one side, make sure to try the other side and rest.

If you find yourself clenching your face or your muscles, relax and rest.

Move with ease. Use strength but there is no need to force or push. You’ll get further with less effort.

It’s an eastern concept to move with ease. Be like water. Inhale fill up the space. Exhale move in. Sensitize yourself with your breath and your movement to feel the space and the air you move through. If you move with tension, you have no superpower, only tension. It’s a western misconception that tension leads to big reward. Tension leads to tension, disappointment, injury, and more tension. Also you look silly when you wrinkle up your face when you are challenged. Practice challenges with ease. It’s more fun that way and you’ll get further.