Simplify, Our November Theme

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Hi Friends!

It’s a good time to hang on to your center and simplify in all ways. Most of us are feeling this pull right now so we decided to lean on each other and take the month to explore the theme of simplicity. In yoga when we move efficiently, more becomes possible and we feel better in the process. We become more aware of ourselves and those around us when we simplify. We reduce the noise so we can hear more and feel more and have more space between our quick to react habits and the direction we really want to move toward.

When we simplify our movements we accomplish so much more. When we simplify our life, anything becomes possible.

Regular Weekly LIVE schedule (EST)

Saturday STRONG 8am – 9am
Monday Intention Setting Meditation and Energize Practice 8am – 9am
Tuesday De-Stress Yoga 2pm – 2:30pm
Wednesday Gentle Yoga 8am – 9am
Thursday Workout (Flow and Glow) Yoga 2pm – 2:30pm
Friday Tai Chi 8am – 8:30am

November Workshops & Events

Saturday Nov 21 Hard Poses Made Simple (Practice) 2pm – 3pm
Sunday Nov 22 Kitchen Chat: Turmeric Mashed Potatoes Nourishment in the Kitchen 2pm – 3pm
Thursday Nov 26 Thanksgiving Energizing Yoga 2pm – 3pm
Saturday Nov 28 Restorative Yoga 2 – 3pm

Click the image below to download the November Calendar, Simplify.

Simplify is also the theme of our Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training beginning Nov 1. We’re so looking forward to spending this time with you. We plan to share some takeaways from the program on social also so feel free to follow along to gain the group inspiration.

Finally, and with a big exhale, Strala Apparel is here. After a decade of by default exclusive and eventually vintage (available at studios and trainings only and gifts when we see you out in the world) the comfy duds are here. Your garments arrive simple, with only a paper packing slip (no plastic!) This is another beginning for us, a continuation of giving back to organizations that do so much good in the world, and celebrating looking good, feeling good and doing good.

If you’re not on the Strala Home bandwagon, everyone is invited. There is a 7 day trial to soak up the goodness, and for anyone who needs a little or a lot of extra help for any reason, and would love to join, please reach out. We want to help.

Take good care of you and see you soon.

Lots of love,

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