Strala Seattle is our first affiliate Strala studio. It has been such an incredible and fun journey to work with the Berger family to bring Strala to the west coast. Allyssa Berger is a special one, bringing her bubbly, excited self to all of her classes. Thanks, Allyssa for being a rockstar, embracing the core of Strala, and making everyone around you feel amazing!



Get to know Allyssa!

Allyssa loves how much healing can be found through the practice of yoga. Since she started practicing Strala, she has tapped into uncharted spaces and has developed a relationship with herself that has unlocked freedom and ease from deep within allowing for a fun and life-changing practice on and off the mat. Her classes focus on deep breaths and a calm mind.

When not in the studio, she can be found out in the mountains or at the hospital working as a nurse in the intensive care unit. In the fall she will be starting a graduate program to become a Nurse Practitioner incorporating holistic healing into the practice of preventative medicine.

What’s your favorite Strala class to lead and why?
RELAX. Love guiding deep inhales and long exhales with real easy movements and watching everyone’s minds and bodies just melt and release into a peaceful calm. 

What’s your favorite Strala class to take and why?
STRONG. Love the energy and how much freedom you can unlock when you allow your body to move in ways that feel really good and allow space for your mind to let go. And the music is amazing!

What’s your favorite yoga pose?
Forearm stand!


What’s your go-to breakfast?
Creamy green dream smoothie: banana, spinach, almond butter, almond milk.

Give us a fun fact!
I love to create unique essential oil blends for friends and family. My favorite blend is one that I call Release. It consists of lavender, rosewood, myrrh, frankincense, and rosemary. Lavender is calming and helps relieve stress. Rosewood creates a sense of peace and security. Myrrh helps with the release of fears and painful experiences and allows for a more trusting and nonjudgemental relationship with oneself. Frankincense helps clear and focus the mind. And rosemary helps restore mental capacity. I apply behind the ears where the vagus nerve (parasympathetic nervous system) runs, on the bottoms of my feet, and along lymph node areas.