Strala Guide of the Month: Bess Shipside!!

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Hi Friends!


We are so lucky to have London Strala Guide Bess Shipside guiding with ease across the pond. Bess is super sweet, kind, and contagiously positive.

In London? Make sure to grab your spot for the Strala Extravaganza July 4 with Bess, Tiffany and Irene.


Get to know Bess!


Where are you from?

I was born and grew up in Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood. I think that story has influenced me a lot. Then we moved to a small village, so I spent a lot of time three fields from home sitting by the stream.

How long have you been doing Strala?

I would say a couple of years — maybe longer in my heart!

What’s your favorite Strala class to lead?

ENERGIZE in the morning and RELAX in the evening!! Can I have two? AM ENERGIZE opens the body with big breaths and expansive movements, drawing energy in to set you up for the day. RELAX is more introspective, soft and explorative — very nourishing. I feel each class is an opportunity for people to get to know themselves better and then become more confident, self-assured, and more open hearted.  We are both strong and vulnerable. Strala yoga helps you to find clarity emotionally.

What’s your favorite Strala class to take?    

ENERGIZE!! It’s a good balance for me, as I like to wiggle around and settle into my body. ENERGIZE provides an incredible release from tension and reminds me that I’m strong and capable. It also makes me do ‘abs’ without dreading it and provides the opportunity to get upside down, which boosts confidence and focus. There is lots of room to feel fluid, find that moving mediation and settle into your way of moving, or explore what is. Yeah ENERGIZE!


Share a fun fact!

I love drawing!! I have a post-graduate in drawing (MA), and spent every Friday of a whole year drawing at The British Museum. If you draw that much you start to see the world in lines, squiggles, and shadows that jump around and form shapes in front of you. I like to draw historical artifacts — the longer you look at them the more their story is revealed to you. Museums provide such a rich source of inspiration to artists. In London we are lucky to have amazing museums you can visit for free. Now I’m working on a series of yoga based drawings that weave some storytelling with a more contemporary illustrative aesthetic. Drawing is great form of mediation, as you get into it time disappears, and all that matters is creating. So get creative!


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