FULL: Strala Intensive Training: Summer Camp in NYC, July 2015!

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Hi Friends!

This training is full, we’re sorry it filled up so quickly!  Please email Mike@StralaYoga.com if you’d like to be on the wait list, or click here if you’d like a spot in our next training!


Deepen your impact, elevate your leadership, and cultivate ease & freedom in all you do.


Saturday July 18 to Friday July 24. 2015

At Strala in New York City


Strala is the movement system that ignites freedom. You’ll gain a clear, connected, and inspiring method that takes your practice, leadership and life to infinite possibilities.


Immerse in Ease & Freedom of Movement

Enjoy a week of Strala Intensive Training, workshops, and classes, all designed to give you the tools to be an inspiring leader for yourself and those you reach.

We’ll work on accomplishing simple and challenging movements with ease. We’ll dive into the Strala vocabulary of movement, so you can creatively design engaging, effective, and fun sequences, within a familiar and comfortable structure.

We’ll have a great week of fun, deep breaths and exploration! See you for Strala Summer Camp! Open for Everyone.

Topics Include

Accomplishing Hard Things Easily

Touch and Support

Effective and Inspiring Leading

Strala Vocabulary


Practice Leading

Community Support & Building

Strala STRONG & RELAX sequences

And lots more . . .


About Strala Training




Strala is moving with ease during restful and challenging circumstances alike. When you find ease in effort, your body and life become very capable and strong. You become an expert at creating space in your life for peace, creativity, inspiration, and all-around feeling great.

Strala Training empowers you to find this easy capability whether on your yoga mat, leading a class, or living your life. With Strala, your yoga will transform into a moving meditation that cultivates a radiantly strong, connected, healthy, and inspired body and mind from the inside out.

This training gives you the tools you need to become the leader you’re meant to be, to yourself, those nearest you, or to millions of people around the world.

You’ll gain the tools to incorporate freedom and ease into your current practice and teaching, the knowledge to lead Strala classes, and be inspired to help others from a grounded, inspired and joyous place. 

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a teaching path, getting deeper into your yoga, or both, Strala Training is a journey that will transform your inner and outer world.

Moving with ease in your body and life gives you inexhaustible strength and tremendous ability.  It also gives you you.  From here, you get to support other people in finding their own way, and creating their own inspiring lives.


Give Yourself Ease

Strala is practice for accomplishing great challenges with inspiring ease, while dropping the push, stress and struggle from your yoga.  It’s also practice for being the best in the world at being you, while dropping the push, stress and struggle from your life.  Whether you’re leading yoga, leading at work, or leading your life, Strala gives you practice time for being capable in your body and life. Our training gives you the design details on how this works, and how to use it consciously in everything you do.


Deepen Your Impact.

Expand Your Reach.


What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn how to understand and lead a Strala classes, including sequencing, pace, flow, psychology, language and music. You’ll also learn to be incredibly capable in your body and in your life.

We begin with breath, getting into your natural flow, and connecting to creativity and intuition. You get happy! And you get to help many others in finding and creating their own way.



For Teachers 

Share and inspire people to feel expansive, open and easy during simple and challenging movents alike. 

Learn Strala vocabulary, flows, language, and pacing that will deepen your impact and bring out the essence of what makes you the most inspiring teacher that you are capable of being.


For Everyone

Whether you are interested in leading classes, accomplishing more in your career, being in healthy, supportive relationships, or something else, you’ll gain a calm sense of ease and freedom of body and mind that connects to your most authentic and joyous self. You’ll shift past tension, blocks with ease so you can go out into the world, follow through with your intentions and blow past your goals.


Grasp the tools to reach and surpass your goals in yoga, wellness, and your life.

Become the inspirational leader you’re meant to be.

Help even more people live inspiring, healthy, and capable lives.


Dates, Times & Location
Saturday July 18 to Friday July 24, 2015

Summer Camp kicks off Saturday 11am with STRONG class with Tara followed by training time.

Detailed agenda will be sent out when you sign up.


632 Broadway, 6th Floor
Between Houston and Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012


Training cost is $595.


Payment is due in full on reservation, and is non-refundable, except if you are not admitted into the training.
Admission to training is solely at Strala’s discretion. 

This will get full, so please reserve as soon as you’re able!


Strala 1-Week Intensive Training Certification (SIT1) is given on successful completion, and posted to the StralaYoga site.



Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is the founder and owner of Strala, the movement system that ignites freedom. Thousands of guides are leading Strala classes around the globe in partner studios, gyms, and clubs. Tara partners with Sports Club/LA and Club Med Gym, and 24 Hour Fitness, making Strala classes the first branded yoga program to be available at a major gym chains.

Tara partners with W Hotels on FIT with Tara Stiles, global program, brining Strala Yoga classes and healthy recipes to W properties around the globe. She is a collaborator with Reebok and works closely with the design team on their Reebok Yoga lifestyle range, and has authored several top-selling books including, Slim Calm Sexy Yoga and Yoga Cures, and the most recent, Make Your Own Rules Diet, all translated and published in several languages. She has been profiled by The New York Times, Times of India, The Times (UK), and featured in most major national and international magazines.

Tara supports The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, President Clinton’s initiative to combat childhood obesity, bringing Strala classes to 20,000+ participating schools. Strala’s flagship studio is downtown New York City.


Any questions?
Check out our FAQ &Resources sections below, and email info@StralaYoga.com



Q: Are there any pre-requirements for training with Strala?

A: All our trainings have  people from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. Some are relatively new to yoga and just want to jump in, some are long-time practicers exploring the connection between their yoga and the rest of life, and some are teachers wanting to bring the ease, freedom and expansiveness of Strala into their leading practice. The diversity matches well with real life, and makes great ground for training!


Q: What’s the difference between your longer Ready-to-Lead Training and the Intensive Trainings?

A: Both trainings focus on applied rather than theoretical yoga: not much time on academic study of mythology, ancient texts or languages – and substantial focus on hands-on direct work with leading, touch, health, and healing. Both trainings cover the same general topics. People graduate from both trainings with the practical ground for leading in the real world.

The main difference is we have a good deal more time in the longer training to cover these topics in depth, and gain competence (and confidence) through practice and feedback with the group. Either way, you’ll have a great time getting into your own yoga, and get ready to lead and inspire a whole lot of people!


Q: I don’t live in New York City, where can I stay during training?

A: All our trainings have travelers from all around the world. People have had good experiences using the site Air B&B for affordable short-term rentals.

There are also many good hotels nearby. People have liked The Larchmont and The Standard East Village. Here’s a Google Maps link that highlights all the hotels around Strala.



Want to learn more about training at Strala?  Following are a few resources that might help!

a) The Studio Where Everybody Knows Your Name, an article written by Strala grad Anna about her experience and training with Strala.

b) How do I pick a yoga training & get a teaching job? A Q&A about training, alliance affiliation, and the differences among yoga schools.

c) Can Strala Training help me get a job? A Q&A about certification vs. qualification, and what it takes to be qualified.

d) Is yoga teacher training just for teachers? If you’re looking to bring your yoga more practically into your life, some discussion of how Strala training works.

e) What makes Strala so different? Strala is the widest-reaching style of yoga in the world. What gets this ball rolling? How does this begin?



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