The Yoga Workout

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Calm intensity has found a home in my personal practice and I’ve been loving the soft, steady strength it’s brought me. When we move our body through challenge with grace and efficiency we also train our mind in the ways of inner peace. From my reflection, how we use yoga shouldn’t be separate from how we view exercise, meditation or anything else. Wholeness comes from our mindset, the conversation we have with ourselves, and how we move.

The Yoga Workout Online Series helps you power up for every kind of challenge in every kind of place.

The Yoga Workout

The Yoga Workout Series Includes:

Yoga Workout 1 Hour Power

Yoga Workout 10 by 2 minute Challenge, 25 minutes

Yoga Workout Core, 20 minutes

Yoga Workout Lower Body, 20 minutes

Yoga Workout Full Body, 20 minutes

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The path of treating yoga as a practice to suffer through, and submit to be dominated by a teacher, has led to global abuse and a broken relationship with our mental and physical wellbeing. We have allowed ourselves to fall victim to worry if we are doing yoga correctly or incorrectly, and have distanced ourselves in the process. Yoga is a way to connect with ourselves really well. So this practice isn’t about yoga, it’s about you. You have the power to heal this connection with your self, by deciding to practice being one fully and beautifully complete you.

Point your yoga practice toward how you want to be, and what you want your life to look like. When you do, you will notice a massive change. This is your natural, infinite potential. This is you. Yoga is inside you, waiting to be discovered. You and your choices are what’s essential.


  1. Camilla

    I’d love to join one of your 200 or 300h trainings at some point! Hope you are well. Hugs from Cami.

    • Tara Stiles

      Thanks so much Cami. We hope to see you soon. Hope you are safe and well. Lots of love from us.


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