The Time for Reinvention is Now

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Hi Friends!

Hi Friends,

The time for reinvention is now.

We’re here in Berlin, staying in a super modest apartment, cooking most of our meals, taking long walks, doing the yoga, in the moment, in between Strala programs, right here right now. Last night as Mike was washing dishes in our tiny kitchen while I was playing with Daisy a grand game of cup stacking, he said to me, “I’m happy here, in this simple apartment, doing the normal things of life.” Sometimes when Mike gets deep out of no where, he has these out-of-body experiences where he sort of freezes and usually floats away somewhere for a while. It’s happened randomly at friends’ homes, at our place, and even in Strala trainings. It’s like a mini melt-down-meets-break-through so I’m never nervous when they come, except for that first time. . . a story for another time. Something great is always on the other side. I just have to wait for him to come back and make sure he’s not holding anything hot or sharp.

Last night was one of those moments.

When he came back from space we talked and challenged ourselves a bit to examine how much of what we do is for comparison and how much of it is because it really makes us happy. I know for me personally, living super simply is massively appealing, although it hasn’t always been the case. It’s easy to get swept up in enjoying some of life’s supposedly nicer things when they are presented to you, and I’ve been in situations and been presented with some pretty comfortable objects, partnering with great brands who spoil me, flying around on sea planes, being handed glasses of champaign, and things like that. Sure, all that is super fun and I know I’m lucky to be able to enjoy from time to time, but I would be foolish to lock my value to living a posh lifestyle or surrounding myself with all the things.

I’m proud my work with Strala promotes simplicity, finding the power within, rested on the breath. We prioritize moving well so we can see the bad habits that hold us back, or more interesting, those habits that form how we hold ourselves and identify with who we think we are. I do my best to improve and prioritize producing less and less waste and produce more and more good, process, and empowerment to others so the ease, joy and strength can spread beyond my words, videos, trainings and such. I have a personal vow to use all of me to help as much as I can while I’m here. I do my best to streamline my life to support that mission. Simplifying is an essential practice to meet these goals.

We give what we embody.

On that note, good vibes are more powerful in groups so. . . want to do a little challenge with me? Of course you do! You know it will be fun and we can transform together. Here goes.

First Step

Soften. Of course, because nothing is possible without softening. Make the space. Now breathe deep. Let the breath move you. Vibe on.

Second Step


Take a look around your life, the stuff of it and how you feel about the stuff of it. Do you like it? Do you want it? Is it there because it brings you joy or for another reason? If you discover things that don’t align with how you want to feel what can you do to change?

Third Step


Soften again. Of course, because you probably just discovered some new feelings and that is a need for some more softening. And of course now, breathe deep. Keep breathing deep.

Last Step


Prioritize feeling connected. Whether it’s donating some clothes and furniture or brining the dusty things in the back of your closet back to life, make space for your connected self. Welcome back.

Let me know how it goes and what you come up with? Things work better when we do them together.

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