Hi Friends,

I’m super excited to present Strala, lead a special Sanctuary Experience, and give a talk at the IDEA conference this August in Anaheim.

IDEA, if you aren’t familiar, is the big gathering for all things fitness in the US, and it’s a thrilling time that Strala is now a part of that conversation evolving how we move, breathe, practice, reflect, and live.

Register here and use code STRALACA14 for 10% off the conference.

Show Case Sanctuary RELAX class. Friday, August 15th 4:10pm-4:55pm. #502

Make Your Own Rules lecture. Saturday, August 16th, 1:30-3:30pm. #696

Strala Intensive. Sunday, August 17th 8am – 5pm. #903

About Strala Training 

Strala is the movement system that ignites freedom. Moving how it feels great to move, and giving people permission to find a way that works for them is a liberating concept that has revolutionized the practice. Moving with ease during simple and challenging moments alike cultivates an incredibly capable, strong and flexible body, and a clear focused and mind from the inside out. Leading these concepts in a structured class creates a fun, easy, light atmosphere that people get hooked on, and bring all their friends back for more because the class works, and is super fun. Leading these concepts with ease allows space for the Guide and the people in the class to radiate and feel fantastic from the inside out.



You’ll Learn

  • Elements of Moving and Leading with Ease
  • Breath Body Connection – Creating Space
  • Freedom of Movement – Permission to Move in Instruction
  • Natural Movement from the Inside Out
  • Psychology of Ease
  • Strala Movement Vocabulary and Phrases
  • Touch and Support
  • Assisting Inversions Safely and Effectively
  • Leading with Clarity and Ease
  • Creating a Fun and Expansive Environment


Strala’s Instructor network is almost to 1000 successful working Guides Leading with Ease around the Globe in studios, gyms, Partner Strala studios, and independently. Join the revolution of ease and freedom and empower so many people along the way. Together we can change the world by helping people be easy in their bodies, minds and lives. Welcome to the party!


This will get full, so please reserve as soon as you’re able!


Strala Intensive Training Certification (SIT) is given on successful completion, and posted to the StralaYoga site.

You can read more here about certification, alliances, and qualification to lead.



Want to learn more about training at Strala?  Following are a few resources that might help!

a) The Studio Where Everybody Knows Your Name, an article written by Strala grad Anna about her experience and training with Strala.

b) How do I pick a yoga training & get a teaching job? A Q&A about training, alliance affiliation, and the differences among yoga schools.

c) Can Strala Training help me get a job? A Q&A about certification vs. qualification, and what it takes to be qualified.

d) Is yoga teacher training just for teachers? If you’re looking to bring your yoga more practically into your life, some discussion of how Strala training works.

e) What makes Strala so different? Moving how it feels great to move allows hard things to be accomplished with ease. Discover more.