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Hi Friends!

Strala Home is Here!

It’s taken a long while, but we are thrilled to share with you, Strala Home, our live streaming studio from our home to yours. We have a weekly class schedule of live classes, alongside a full practice library of all class types and lengths, series, workshops and lectures to nourish your needs. New classes and practices are added regularly. We’re excited to be in the studio again with you, and this time, as Deepak says, we’re going non-local. The door is open.

Your Strala Online Trainings, Retreats and Workshops are available through Strala Home also. Woo hoo. Finally you can practice along through all your preferred devices and do all the fancy things an app does like sort and organize your favorite classes. The web portion of Strala Home is available now and the app will be live sometime in August. We’re waiting on the app store approval, but couldn’t wait any longer to share the web version.

If you are practicing along with any of our classes, series, workshops, retreats and trainings in their current location, don’t worry, they won’t vanish. You’ll still have access to your videos here and when you subscribe to StralaHome your trainings, workshops and retreats will be added to your account also. It might take a few days for everything to be updated once you subscribe so thank you for your patience.

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Creating harmony inside you 👉 Creates harmony outside you. That’s tai chi. Let’s practice together. A little moment from Mike’s class this morning on Strala Home.Stop, soften and roll around
Take a bit inhale
Watch your breath move you
Long exhale
Watch your breath move youBeing moved becomes possible when you allow yourself to be moveable. Your actual power comes from your softness, not your habit of force, push and struggle.Every breath is an opportunity to feel better. See you soon.#stralayoga #taichi
Creating a peaceful connection with yourself automatically creates peaceful connections with others. An ancient tai chi secret that is time to spill everywhere.Practice with Mike at Strala Home on Friday’s. Join if you feel a pull. Message us if you need help. We want you there if you want to be there. Practice works best when you do it. We are here to practice together. You aren’t alone.#stralayoga #taichi #qigong
Take a moment
Slow down
Watch your breath move you
Allow yourself to be movedEasy recipe to feel better & move yourself toward progress. Thanks to lovely guide @inaraa_yoga for the movement inspiration.#stralayoga
Moving toward balance with kindness. Entering 2021 with this vibe, this practice, this mindset can be the shift that points toward a better way. It’s our January theme for Strala Home. Calendar coming to your inbox soon. Make sure you are signed up at stralayoga.com Everyone is invited to feel better together.Our wellbeing is connected. Take good care of you and magic happens around you.#stralayoga #wellness #yoga #taichi #shiatsu