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Hi Friends!

Today our dear friend Jason Wachob’s book WELLth lands everywhere. Jason and his wife Colleen have been friends of ours since the early days of Strala. I remember Jason sent Colleen over to the old studio to check us out to make sure we were normal (he read that we were approachable and knew our stuff, but wanted to get the scoop before he stepped on the mat with us). I don’t blame him. Jason walked in, all towering 6 feet 7 inches of him, with a history of staggering back pain, and heard we could possibly help. I remember meeting the two of them so well. The four of us (Mike included) sat in the living room section of the studio and talked for a long time about our mission to bring yoga back to easy-going natural movement and normalized experiences, and he talked about his brand new website, www.mindbodygreen.com.

I loved the “green” aspect to mind & body and recognized a kindred rebellious spirit, with a mission to normalize all the wonderful practices and sciences of the ages, that were currently doused in a spiritual and mystical blanket, inaccessible to everyone, yet owned by everyone. It was an injustice we all shared, and were living our lives to uncover.

Fast forward 6 years.




Strala is led and practiced everywhere, and an easy-going normalized approach to the yoga lifestyle is thriving. Old days of criticism for our uploading prescriptive yoga for physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing seems so silly to the current community. Everyone is practicing and if not on the mat yet, knows it’s a great approach to sustainable wellbeing. Our natural movement, and soft approach to handling challenges in an easygoing way, has infiltrated even the most rigid of ancient-gone-modern practices. The old belief that it’s a good idea to stress yourself out by burning through discomfort has been replaced by movement that allows stress to leave your body and mind, and accomplish far more with less effort. Yoga is officially mainstream, and it’s relevant to our lives right now.

Jason has simultaneously shaken out the mysteries of wellness, elevated inspired practitioners, motivated experts to present their work authentically, and put a well-deserved spotlight on experiencers of lasting life transformation. mindbodygreen.comhas become a global community of wellbeing seekers, and a support system for a normalized global cognitive shift: from an isolated world view soaked in ladder-climbing and exit-strategy externally-focused living, to a lovely softening that prioritizes physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing, celebrating several viewpoints and variations of living, all focused on one central, evolutionary theme – being WELL.

There are a few deciding factors that have brought the explosion of WELLbeing into the rich playground it is today and ongoing, and Jason’s big thinking and daring to create mindbodygreen (removing the word SPIRIT and adding the broader lifestyle of sustainability) is one of the few sharp turns that led to the revolution.

It’s exciting times in the WELLbeing world. Opportunities are plenty, and even more heartwarming, they are sustainable.

I say in our Strala Trainings, as long as you hold honestly the intention to help people feel better, you’ll always have a job. Everyone wants to feel better.

Pick up your copy of WELLth and read Jason’s story of mindbodygreen.com

Get inspired. Live your passion. Help yourself. Help those around you.


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Fun one 👋Why do you practice ease? To feel better, to be able to enjoy more, serve more, to have enough energy to run around with the little ones in your life or something else? Pic by @inaraa_yoga before class in Berlin.Let us know in the comments.
Every  breath is an opportunity to feel better.
I create calm. When I choose to center myself, I create calm for me and the world around me.Welcome May, welcome our monthly theme, welcome our practice calendar, welcome calm. #stralayoga #createcalm
The mute button. 🤫An easy DIY #shiatsu to practice with yourself or with a partner. This #tsubo (entry point to a #meridian highway) has a way of calming an overactive mind. We named it the mute button in #stralayoga for a reason 😉Where
Below the big toe bone and a little in toward the center of the 🦶How
Press your thumb into this place as you lean in and away from the center of yourself or your partner.Now what
Soften yourself, breathe deep and make sure you are moveable. Hang here a bit without trying to make anything happen. Just chillNow what
Lean away from your partner to disconnect. Give them a bit of time to relax and maybe ask for some feedback.Don’t forget
Ask your partner for your turn 🙌
Where is your happy place? When it’s not possible to go “there” remember you can always slow down and travel within for lasting magic. 🔮 Our inner connections will make the outer ones so much more special when we all meet again. #stralayoga
Healthy, vibrant community spreads more healthy, vibrant community. 🌊 The positive variations are limitless. We are so proud of our #stralayoga family of Guides & the expansive communities they build, spread and reveal. Congrats @glogloya on your anniversary of creating @nooknyc You are an inspiration. #stralafamilyTag someone in your community you are grateful for.
We lead the experience of how we feel about ourselves.In #stralayoga training you learn how to be fully connected to your breath, body and voice as one.You learn how to move well in every moment on & off the mat through the practice of #taichiYou learn how to make a good connection in relationship with yourself & others through the practice of #shiatsuYou learn the form vocabulary of #yoga as healing movements and how to artfully #sequence for yourself and any group.You remember who you are and what gifts you have to share.You find your role in #communityYou gain endless friends around the globe who are so different from you in every way, but share a common goal of feeling better and a desire to help others. All the trees are beautiful. #stralafamilyOur wellbeing is connected. Everyone is invited.What does a Guide mean to you?
Yoga works best when it feels like you. #stralayoga
A yoga practice doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. A little throw back of little Daisy leading as the little ones do. Take this as your daily reminder to crawl down to the ground and move how it feels good for you today. Let us know how it goes. #stralayoga