What do Math and Business Have to Do With Yoga?

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There’s the theory of something, and there’s the reality. What people actually do. You’ll find this in work or with family, in yoga, tai chi, wellbeing practices, pretty much everywhere. It’s so unusual to find places where these two are the same. And so helpful when we can stay closely connected to what’s most real, what people are actually doing and experiencing, right here.

I was just reading through some good discussions in our Strala Guidebook group for training graduates, and one particular talk caught my imagination this morning.  Someone was working in their job to implement Lean practices, following a set of manufacturing and efficiency principles first developed in Japan.  And I wasn’t the only one who found this interesting.

There was a spirited conversation going on here, asking if Lean is just like Strala, a way to move efficiently, effortlessly, without creating problems to fix. Or is it a form of rigid control, something completely different!

We’re all people, doing people things

You might think discussion of Lean manufacturing principles has little to do with yoga or wellbeing. But for some reason I think there’s something really interesting here. Maybe because whatever we’re doing, we’re all people, doing things.

Enjoy this Strala RELAX Yoga Plus Tai Chi Flow Practice

It reminds me of my three years working in a steel mill. A couple of us went to Motorola University to train in 6 Sigma, a set of manufacturing and quality principles that have been tried in many industries, so we could use some math to look at the mill’s operations. At the end of the day, it turned out the problems were less operational and more psychological. Family business.

There’s the theory of a thing, and there’s the reality. The theory was a struggling manufacturing business probably has manufacturing problems.  The reality was it’s a human business, with human problems.  Which reminds me also of yoga.

Human business with human problems. And opportunities.

In particular, it reminds me of my time learning “alignment-based” practices like Anusara and Jivamukti. There was so much talk about drawing or spiraling your energy in and up, to protect your joints.

Occasionally some of these ideas were nice ones. But they weren’t what we were actually doing. Maybe we were pretending to do it. But the pileup of pain and joint injuries suggest reality wasn’t matching with theory.  And possibly, if we weren’t holding bad positions, we wouldn’t have found our joints in so much need of this unusual protecting.

So even if were were pulling some energy in and up, it’s a tough place to be. Always compensating for bad position and tension-filled movement. It’s a lot of energy, just to fix so many basic mechanical mistakes. Better to put some attention on moving well in the first place, to be here, and get there.

So it’s not that I don’t enjoy a good theory from time to time. But also it’s good to stay close to what people are actually doing and experiencing, wherever we are.

Finding the right distance. It’s a practice we can feel out and adjust in every moment. Cool thing is when you create a good relationship with yourself, finding the right relationship with others becomes a joy.From @stralayoga training in Berlin a couple years back. We are hoping to be there with a nice group next summer celebrating finding the right relationship.#stralayoga #shiatsu #yogateachertraining #taichi
When we soften, much more becomes possible. #stralayoga #taichi #shiatsu
It’s so easy to stick to habits that are familiar, even when they are destructive. We all have our reasons, our armor and our guard up to protect ourselves against whatever specific formula triggers us. We are afraid if we are more gentle with ourselves, we won’t be braced to defend ourselves, but the opposite is true. Moving like you love yourself in yoga and life is a choice to create a new, lasting habit, a way of being truly you.Tai Chi, nature, science, and the wisdom of your Great Grandmother, remind us when you go to war with yourself, you lose. When you move with whole self harmony towards progress, treating every bad habit you find along the way as a gold mind opportunity to move toward balance, you feel better, your body works better and you have access to more of yourself. You have a chance to do some good.I move like I love myself. It can start with an idea, a mantra, a practice, a way of being. If you choose to let it make a home in you, you will have gone to peace with yourself. Anything is possible.Pic by @jes.lock & @arslanstype @sundanceresort for Rest & Renew Training & Retreat#connection #selflove #wellbeing #stralayoga #taichi
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Fun one 👋Why do you practice ease? To feel better, to be able to enjoy more, serve more, to have enough energy to run around with the little ones in your life or something else? Pic by @inaraa_yoga before class in Berlin.Let us know in the comments.
Every  breath is an opportunity to feel better.
I create calm. When I choose to center myself, I create calm for me and the world around me.Welcome May, welcome our monthly theme, welcome our practice calendar, welcome calm. #stralayoga #createcalm
The mute button. 🤫An easy DIY #shiatsu to practice with yourself or with a partner. This #tsubo (entry point to a #meridian highway) has a way of calming an overactive mind. We named it the mute button in #stralayoga for a reason 😉Where
Below the big toe bone and a little in toward the center of the 🦶How
Press your thumb into this place as you lean in and away from the center of yourself or your partner.Now what
Soften yourself, breathe deep and make sure you are moveable. Hang here a bit without trying to make anything happen. Just chillNow what
Lean away from your partner to disconnect. Give them a bit of time to relax and maybe ask for some feedback.Don’t forget
Ask your partner for your turn 🙌
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