20 Minute Yoga for When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Hi Friends!

Feeling overwhelmed has unfortunately become so common. This 20 Minute Yoga for When You Feel Overwhelmed yoga practice grounded in the breath body connection of tai chi, is designed to help you slow down, treat yourself well, and connect with a safe place inside of you, when you feel overwhelmed.

This simple practice that will helps get into areas of ourselves that feel a bit stuck or tense. We’ll listen to what our body and our emotional self is saying, then unblock that energy so we can free it up and become more stable, more strong, and more energized. And, of course, feel better.

Listen to the places in your body that are asking for some attention, similar to how you would listen to a good friend who needs your support. It’s not even so much about the advice your friend is asking for; they really just want you to listen. When you give your friend that attention, they instantly feel better. We can do that for ourselves by noticing what’s going on with us—how nice is that?

If this type of practice is really speaking to you, here is another yoga practice to help with that overwhelmed feeling. Same ease, unique yoga vocabulary. Yoga for When You Feel Overwhelmed. I hope this helps you feel at ease and more like yourself again.

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