You Are Enough

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Hi Friends!


Tara just got a note from a girl in Australia. She was told by some modeling agency she needed to be 2cm taller. I’m annoyed. I responded.

The most important and useful thing is that you be really happy with what you’ve got. Everything you ever do will be from right where you are – not from some place other people say you should be – so that’s the most important thing. Be happy, and be interested, in right where you are.


If someone tells you that you should be something different in order to get something, tell them to take a hike!


It’s just not true. You don’t need to be taller or shorter or bigger or smaller or anything at all to do anything you want to do.

All kinds of modeling agencies – and all kinds of people and companies everywhere – will make up stories about how you, or they, or situations, just need to change a little for them to get what they want. The truth is, that’s not the truth. It’s just what uncreative people who aren’t that capable in their lives say.


The truth is, people who are creative – people who are capable originators in their own lives – don’t say “I need something to be different to get what I want.” They just do what they want.


They create it, from the building blocks that they have. They create it from who they are, right where they are. I see this again and again in everything Tara does, and in all kinds of inspiring people we both get to work and live around.

Use your yoga for this. Get really into who you are, right where you are. You’re enough. More than enough. You just need to get to know you, and get really good at working with what you’ve got.

From here, you can do what you want. Don’t bother with people who say different. They’re not so lucky. They think they’re not enough.

You’re an amazing piece of engineering! It’s all you need. It’s all anyone needs, for everything. Pass it on!



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