Carlotta Lorandi

Strala Certified 20 Hours

Nuvolento, Brescia, Italy, 25080

Training Level

20+Hour Intensive Yoga Training, 2015, 20


I started very early to practice yoga and I have always seen it as a wonderful play for the body and mind.

Growing up I started to appreciate the philosophical and psychological aspects and also met the Yogi and scholar Swami Ananda Chaitanya with whom I decided to start my training. I attended an intensive course in India where I graduated as a Yoga Vidya teacher in 2009 and then Masters in Prana Vidya and Pranayama in 2013.

In my lessons I try to convey the sense of freedom, awareness and self-expression that yoga taught me. I see in Strala an effective method to convey a sense of space and freedom to move and explore. For this reason I took part in Strala Intensive Training in 2015.

My path continues with study and trainings through which I experience on myself different styles and way of teaching and living yoga.

"We should not practice yoga to control the body, it is the opposite. Yoga is to bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs. Freedom is a form of love, there is no love without freedom." Vanda Scaravelli

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Carlotta Lorandi