Cornelia Nyhof

Strala Certified 120 Hours

Stuttgart, , Germany, 70563

Training Level

100 Hours in Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, 2018, 100

20+Hour Intensive Yoga Training, 2019, 20


As a teen I started Yoga. My first encounter was quite sobering: A nervous drill instructor whipped us through the class. The result was not relaxation but aching muscles, stressed mind and the certainty: He won´t see me again. Nevertheless Yoga remained my passion – for the time being. Dancing replaced my practice for some years.

Seven years ago I found Tara and fall in love with the movement system of Strala Yoga. Till today it transformed me, carried me back to my inner wisdom and influenced my practice tremendously. 2017 I finally enrolled into the Strala 100h Training, visited an Intensive Training in Berlin and for sure: the 200h training will follow a soon as my little one is old enough.

Since the beginning of 2019 I offer Strala lessons in Stuttgart. Every time people attend my classes, I love to see them glow after having practiced Strala. Relaxation, ease, moving in alignment with yourself and following your breath, intuition, how you feel along the way is absolutely my path of teaching. We are all one and in this oneness we should honor the diversity of all kinds of inner forms instead of guiding towards an outer appearance which is strict, stress-inducing for most people, denying freedom and disconnecting. Soften. Breath. Move with ease. Follow your inner form. Hope to see you here in Stuttgart some day.

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Cornelia Nyhof