Deborah Lea Schmid

Strala Certified 200 Hours

Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 10243

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Yoga Training, 2016, 200


hey there, my name’s debbie and i can’t wait to practice yoga with you!

coming from bern in switzerland, i live in berlin now for around 2 years and happy working in many beloved projects as bodywork in pilates, fascia training & yoga, psychology at work, cacao ceremony, meditation & dance events to mention a few.

my yoga-movements are influenced by my training and work as a instructor of pilates and myofascial movement – in other words:

my primal education in bodywork with ‘art of motion’ did teach me a lot about our anatomy and in my strala yoga training i learned how to connect with ones body & breath and let the body naturally move. since my teacher training with strala yoga i am so grateful and happy to live and guide the strala way of live <3

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Deborah Lea Schmid