Esther Tunon

Strala Certified 520 Hours

Chester, Chesire, England, CH2 3RQ

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2016, 200

Intensive Training, 2016, 20

300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training, 2017, 300

I’m Esther, mum, academic in Science and Engineering, and Strala guide… a human who found happiness and health through movement. Tai Chi and Strala helped me to recover from burnout and heal from a chronic movement disorder.I did my 200+ ready to lead training with Tara and Mike in February 2016, a 2-day intensive in October 2016, and have completed the advanced 300+ in summer 2017.I always loved moving, I danced flamenco in my teens. My movement disorder came because of a car accident (not a big one! but my neck was badly injured; something happened to the part of the brain that controls the movement sending signals to the muscles). I went through more than 5 years of pain, rigidity, poor mood, drugs, hospital visits and I also accumulated a pile of unhelpful believes. After unsuccessfully seeking for someone else to fix me for a few years, I took charge of the situation. I started practicing Tai Chi with a local school and soon felt so much better. I went to many different yoga classes based on different approaches to yoga in London. After a few months I found Tara’s videos in youtube and was absolutely fascinated by her way of moving. Gradually I built my own practice, a mixture of Tara’s videos and Tai Chi, and took up ballet for a couple of years too. After years of believing my body was failing me, I made peace with it and gradually recovered. I became a Strala guide in 2016, and have done three Strala trainings since. I love being part of this community, and can’t wait to keep on learning, growing and sharing my passion for movement with you.Find out more and get in touch here:
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