Gergana Branzova

Strala Certified 200 Hours

Istanbul, Kadıkoy, Turkey, 34738

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2015, 200

@NYLONmag My name is Gergana. I am straight to the point citizen of the world. I am a woman, mother of three, wife, who is a life and animal lover. My philosophy is to balance the energy and enjoy the days doing what I love, be free to communicate and share my truth. I have competed in every level of the game of basketball. Attended Florida International University earning various honours athletically and academically. After graduation was drafted by the Women's Basketball Association and thus becoming the first Bulgarian female athlete to play in WNBA. Chose to trot the globe doing what I loved. Competed on the basketball court... Living in different countries and cultures, meeting a lot of people, sharing the passion for competition and sports became an awesome experience and ultimately was able to discover my inner desire to help others in finding their true potential and be in guidance by example.After retiring from active basketball competition, I invested time in studying personal development and psychology. It gives me great pleasure to work on individual skills with young basketball players and coach them through the process of development. I am the founder of GetBetterEvolve- a platform for development of young athletes. Providing service and assist athletes in discovering and enhancing their true potential by granting them specifically designed tools, educating them, directing and motivating them toward reaching ultimate performance. ​ When I was diagnosed with MS(Multiple Sclerosis) in 2013 and struggled with the symptoms of this autoimmune condition, I realised that the healing power is within us. I said 'good bye' to traditional medicine and embarked on a journey to discover my healing. In 2015 I was symptom free. MS had fully regressed and my MR scans showed I was healed. Unbelievable for doctors, but a fact. Health and Wellness, Alternative therapy and Nutrition, Sports Performance are essential issues that I am interested in with. I enrich my knowledge about it daily. I am a student of Natural Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine and a PhD. candidate in that field. I am committed to share my knowledge and experience to help people create their best way. I created MindBodyOne to share my Heal & Feel Good Food for Mind and Body and be in service to the people in need. I believe that we are all one. MindBody and the rest. We are what we eat and what we think. When we are open to learn and perceive, when we enjoy ourselves and live boldly, when we do what we love and most importantly are true to our intentions life flows. Dreams become reality. It is all about balancing the energy of our days.
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