Joe Lipari

Strala Certified 480 Hours

New York, New York, United States, 10018

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Yoga Training, 2011, 200

200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, 2019, 200

Intensive Yoga Training, 2016, 20

Intensive Yoga Training, 2017, 20

Intensive Yoga Training, 2018, 20

Intensive Yoga Training, 2019, 20

About /

The quintessential peaceful warrior, a military veteran diagnosed with PTSD, Joe Lipari has found ease and flexibility (of mind & body) through Strala yoga. As one of the first and longest running Strala members, Joe considers himself the Strala Ambassador. He recently left his corporate job to travel the world and spread the word of ease. Catch him if you can… As a guide, Joe’s irreverent sense of humor makes his classes truly unique. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, you shouldn’t either. 😉

“Strala yoga helped control my PTSD, ease knee, hip & back pain, get fit change my life for the better…. things I struggled with for years.” ~ JL

For his private one on one sessions, Joe focuses on starting where his clients are. By setting realistic goals and keeping it approachable, they are often surprised at how easily progress can be made. Especially the clients who started off thinking yoga might not be right for them.

“I enjoy working with Joe as my yoga instructor.  He is highly intuitive and brings integrity, peace and a willingness to work the sessions around my specific needs and wants.” ~ Eddie Brill (NYC)

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2011
200+Hour Healing With Movement, 2019
Weekend Intensive : NYC 2016 & 2017
Weekend of Ease : Amsterdam, 2018
Weekend of Ease : Berlin 2019

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