Laura Perez

Strala Certified 620 Hours

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States, 87124

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2017, 20

Online 100+Hour Training, 2017, 100

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2018, 200

300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training, 2018, 300


Laura Perez – Stråla Guide began her Stråla home practice in 2007. In 2017, she began to guide her classes and then proceeded to obtain in person training to expand her Being, Moving, healing knowledge. Laura has also taken Strala online training to continue to learn and grow and bring Stråla to those in need of releasing stress.


From the first moment I stepped onto my mat, I knew I had found the perfect place. Laura’s voice is soothing and she leads us expertly through the moves, as if the half hour each day is a well-rehearsed dance. I enjoy the tranquility of the music she plays and the mix of people who attend on a regular basis. By the time, we relax I have de-stressed and feel positive. It is the best way to end a workday! Thank you so much for offering these yoga sessions.

-Kelly Pearce, Rio Rancho, NM

I started Strala Yoga with Laura about 9 months ago, just for stretching to ease the pain of osteoarthritis. I learned breathing, and how to move with ease. I could see results in my daily activities almost immediately. My balance improved as well as my ability to breathe deep during stressful situations. June 5, 2018, I underwent a complete knee replacement. During post operative physical therapy sessions, I used what I learned during my Strala yoga sessions. I had to learn to stand straight and strong. I closed my eyes, centered myself and completed a very small tree pose. (2 weeks post surgery) The therapist was amazed! I looked at her and said “yoga”! During the nights when the pain seems to be the worst, I will sit on the edge of the bed and do Strala yoga breathing. It only takes a few minutes but the results are amazing. I fall back to sleep and sleep peacefully. I never knew that Strala yoga would give me the ability to rehab my knee. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Laura and practicing Strala in my daily life.

-Dorothy Abbott, Rio Rancho, NM

I have been receiving yoga instruction from Laura Perez since the Fall of 2017. As a plus-sized woman with a number of health issues, I never envisioned that I could partake in a yoga class on a regular basis.  In the past, when I tried to incorporate yoga into my life, I was always disappointed. I would feel intimidated by the abilities of not only the instructor, but the other class participants. Inevitably, I would always drop out because I couldn’t do what others could and I felt ‘judged’ and discouraged. Laura has changed that for me; she makes yoga accessible in ways I never thought possible. She is encouraging, patient and gentle and doesn’t push me beyond my capabilities. Because of her approach and demeanor, I find myself doing the pushing, always looking for that opportunity to stretch further, become more centered and find balance.

Not only do I look forward to our weekly sessions, I have found them to be life-changing in many ways: Over the time we have met, I have significantly lowered my blood pressure, lost 30 pounds and have increased my mobility. My primary physician has indicated that, if I keep moving in this direction, I may be able to stop taking medications for prediabetes and high blood pressure all together!

I no longer feel intimidated by yoga and have incorporated it into my daily routine. I can’t thank Laura enough for the gifts she’s shared with me. She makes yoga fun, challenging and accessible!

-Deborah Schoenbaum, Rio Rancho, NM


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