Maria Cerboni

Strala Certified 200 Hours

Göteborg, Gothenburg, Sweden, 412 62

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2016, 200



HOW I FOUND MY WAY IN YOGA  In my deep eating disorder, I found yoga and it was the one that helped me forward in life. Exercise had always been in my life and I have always practiced a lot and hard in different kind of sport and also did horseback riding in the Swedish national team.

When I was almost dying in my eating disorder I got in to a rehabilitation center and I received strict orders to not work out or do anything physical, but they said it was OK that I practiced Yoga. I was so sick in my eating disorder and when I heard that It was OK to do yoga I immediately had that feeling that.. ha, ha then I can still work out and burn calories through yoga ....

So I started to practice yoga, but once I got started with yoga, something happened that chocked me and something I couldn´t believe. My past training and competition experience where everything was about to perform, and always with the voice in my head that I was not good enough just disappeared and all the voices in my head became silent. I started to look back at all the pieces inside of me that I lost when I was sick. I started to look back to who I really am without hearing the mantra. "I'm a monster" "I'm so fat, out of shape, ugly and so on.But this did not happen overnight. For a long time I struggled and had to fight and cope with anxiety and attacks of wanting to escape, but the more I practiced yoga so was the time between the anxiety longer and longer. The time between attacks, I found the room to see and find out who I am and I forgot the thing about time and space. Then I started to tell others how yoga helped me and shared my yoga with them and when I did I also started to grow more and more and feel  acceptance and love, and by that I began to love myself fully.Everything within me started to grow more and more and after a while, more people came to me and wanted to find support and asked how I managed to go ahead. I shared my story even if it was really scary but by doing so, I became stronger and stronger, and nowdays I never want to go back to starv myself , hate myself or do anything evil against me and my body. Sometimes I still have days when the thoughts come but we all have thoughts and Its up to ourselfs to cope with them and let them go and make the best of it.I exercised daily with STRALA YOGA .... I law engraved into the head examples: I am calm, I am completely unique and has every right to be just who I am. Then you can select which mantra you want, but always having a mantra for beeing in ease, love, give love and accept only is important.In my yoga the breathing, presence, joy and freedom is number one .... never to do anything that feels like a compulsion or which does not happen with happiness. Yoga gives me the space to be free, laugh to live and breathe and move my body in every direction it possible want to move. Many of us shut out happiness and laughter and are scared so I usually say; Don´t  take life so seriously there is no right or wrong, the courage to be and do what your body wants in different positions and play.One of the greatest ways yoga helped me to heal from the anxiety and eating disorder was the release it gave me. I had stored grief, hatred, anxiety, pain and junk in my body and in the beginning when I practiced yoga, I cried in many positions, and the body wanted to escape but the longer I stayed the internal pain did just sing out and tears flowed. In the beginning I was scared but the more I rooted myself and stayed in every breath, I was not scared, tears heal, the tears would make me soft and tears washed away the pain. I finally released who I was and was becoming the  MARIA Cerboni I AM,Come and try yoga ..... if not now...when?
 MY VIEW ON YOGA   Yoga is not only a physical exercise but an incredible lifestyle where you will be able to connect the mind, body and soul to a device.  You become aware of your inner power and you will see that you are your own master and have every opportunity to create momentum balance and self-love.The Yoga I convey is STRALA YOGA consists of breathing exercises, physical positions as much play, having a laugh and just feel free. I customize each yoga session after various professions  but mainly STRALA YOGA and I inspire with freshness, truth and presence, without competition, or performance requirements. To have that feeling after a class that you are in ease and feel that I am valuable and can move on to where I want to do. I also work with water as an element when I instruct in SUP paddleboarding and SUP-Yoga and traveling around and constantly expanding my knowledge from all different people with different experiences.I receive inquiries on workshops, events and inspiritation and guide yoga all around the world. Welcome to follow the Facebook or Instagram page where you can read more about me and yoga and if you want to see me or join a class just let me know and I will do my best.Workshop, personalized training in yoga, lectures, or other inquiries contact us.
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