Matt Neely

Strala Certified 200 Hours

Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States, 01267

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Yoga Training, 2014, 200


39 Cold Spring Rd

Matt Neely is a certified guide and graduate of Strala Yoga’s 200+Hour training program, having learned the inspiring movement system directly from Strala creator and founder Tara Stiles and her incredible team at their studio in New York City.

Hooked from his initial introduction to yoga as a college student, Matt has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. While pursuing an MFA in Acting at Carnegie Mellon and the Moscow Art Theater, he deepened his exploration of yoga and similar movement modalities, working with Andrei Droznin, Russia’s top movement teacher.

Throughout his life, Matt has explored a wide variety of fitness systems, but always returned to yoga for its holistic approach to connecting the body and mind. More recently, looking to make a lasting lifestyle change, Matt discovered Tara Stiles and Strala; it was exactly the kind of easygoing, unpretentious, fun yoga style he’d been looking for. Diving head first into a seven day a week practice, Matt completely changed his physique, improved his overall health, and became more centered and happy than he had been in ages. He soon realized that he wanted not only to practice Strala yoga but guide others in it as well. Strala has done wonders for Matt, and he’s excited to bring it to the Berkshires!

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Matt Neely