Natalie Day

Strala Certified 200 Hours

Chelmsford, Essex, England, CM11 1NJ

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2016, 200

Hey, welcome to my small corner of Strala Yoga. Guiding has been a game changer for me. I used to feel stuck and uncomfortable in the "poses" and dogma surrounding yoga but the Strala philosophy embodies my ethos: embrace your individuality and anybody can do yoga.  I practised Strala throughout my pregnancy, even labour, and then with my baby.For me, how someone feels is more important than getting that Instagram-worthy shot. The journey I've seen members undergo is truly goosebump inducing; awareness of their own bodies and connecting to themselves... all the feel-good smiles. There's an energy there which leaves all of us wanting more.I'm a huge music lover, so incorporating tunes that reflect the vibe of my class is key. My sessions have dreamy beats, uplifting beats and badass beats, too. The music connects to your soul and I invite my Strala peeps to drop their inhibitions and truly zone into themselves, responding to their bodies natural movement. Our bodies will guide us to what it needs, we just have to listen and be in that moment so we are working with and not against the two things that show up for us each and every day: our heart and bodies.I'm based near Chelmsford, Essex and hold weekly private and group sessions, I work with teenage girls at a school, as well as guiding at local health clubs.Come join us!
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Natalie Day