Pia Neudert

Strala Certified 420 Hours

Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany, 60385

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2018, 20

100 Hours in Online 200+Hour Training, 2018, 100

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2018, 200

100 Hours in 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training, 2019, 100


Pia is a 28-year old doctoral candidate and research assistant in the field of Strategy & International Management, with a strong passion for yoga, minimalism, and conscious living.

With nearly 10 years of work experience in the corporate world, she know how it feels to lose yourself in stress, struggle, and tight deadlines. Strala provided her with the tools to get out of this vicious cycle and re-connect with herself.

As a guide, she will support you in dropping the stress and finding ease in everything you do – be it in university, in an office, or on your yoga mat.

Apart from guiding Strala Yoga classes, she also hosts a blog (flyhighpia.com) and regularly shares inspiration about veganism, yoga, holistic health, and sustainability on her Instagram account @flyhighpia.com.

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Pia Neudert