Romy Di Carlo

Strala Certified 20 Hours

Paris, France, France, 94200

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2015, 20

Hi,I'm Romy and I live in Paris.Strala came into my life back in 2013 thanks to Tara's videos on Youtube.At that time I was looking for something like "10-minute yoga routine at home" and I was almost convinced - even before starting - that yoga was maybe not the kind of thing for me.I was wrong! This Google search was maybe the best decision I've taken! It has changed the way I take care of my body. I've learned how to listen more to my body, how to bring more ease and softness into my everyday life, how to get rid of stress and tensions, how to make space.  And then, I decided it was time to share all of this with people around me: family, friends, colleagues, strangers...So I decided to become a Strala guide and here I am. My goal since then is to help people to get to know the flow, move with ease, and better connect with how they feel, especially in the corporate and stressful world where I'm still working as a digital learning project manager.
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Romy Di Carlo