In honor of self-care and our shared quest for continued growth and expansion into who we actually are – a giant massive ball of radiant love and awesome energy – we put together some big gifts for you.

I hope you enjoy and please take amazing care of yourself today, this week, and always.



All Together Now

Big inhale
Long exhale.

Ahhhh. . much better, right!

50% OFF for Strala Grads : All Stråla Intensives Happening in 2017

We’re thrilled to give you 50% all our Stråla Intensive Trainings in 2017, to everyone who has already participated in a Stråla Ready-to-Lead or Intensive Training program.

So many of Guides and leaders come back to these Intensives and long trainings after a few months, or a year or so after completing their training. We keep hearing such great feedback, about how it’s a perfect re-charge and chance to practice together, so we want to make it easier for you to step back into the ease.

Our programs are constantly evolving and growing, so we can all keep learning and expanding with this approach and practice. Whether you’re looking for a weekend of self-care, a personal retreat from busy life, or a reboot of your movement and leadership skills, you’ll find something entirely new and refreshing every time. Get ready to dive back into embodying the grace and ease of who you are. Radiate on!

How to Register & Get Your Discount


1. Select your program of choice. Upcoming Programs:

NYC Intensive May 20 – 21 
Chicago Intensive June 24 – 25
London Intensive Sept 9 – 10

2. Enter Code: STRALA17 at the first step of checkout, on the right side of your screen.

3. Get excited to join the tribe & see you soon!

Good now through Wednesday Feb 15th midnight EST.

Get the low down on what happens in a 2 day Strala Intensive here.

Also. . .

50% OFF our Entire Video Library, For EVERYONE


We have loads of classes at a variety of lengths and types to help you move with ease, drop the tension, get strong, healthy and ridiculously happy. Enjoy half off our entire video library and enjoy moving with ease wherever you are.

How to Get Your Videos & Discount



1. Grab as many videos and packs as you like here

2. Enter Code: LOVE17 at the first step of checkout, on the right side of your screen.

3. Download and enjoy!

Good now through Wednesday Feb 15th midnight EST.


2017 Training Schedule

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this year! Here is to creating a wonderful 2017 together!



May, NYC, Strala Intensive Training, May 20-21, 10am – 6pm RSVP

June, Chicago, Strala Intensive Training, June 24-25, 9am – 5pm RSVP

July, NYC, Strala 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training, Jul 15-Aug 4, 2017, RSVP

September, London, Strala Intensive Training, September 9 – 10th, RSVP

October, Amsterdam, Strala 200+Hour Ready-To-Lead Training, October 7-20, 2017, RSVP

Stay easy and enjoy!


And now for some Hugs!