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Creating your own strala partner studio is a wonderful experience. Helping people release stress and tension from their bodies and minds, move more easily through challenge, and heal all kinds of injuries and ailments is a wonderful gift to share.

We really loved building our studio in New York – from our apartment, to temporary space in an abandoned gym, to the training center we have now. We know we’ll return to life with a nice regular studio again someday, when our travel slows down a bit. It really is a great life to live.

First Steps

There are a few education and qualification steps to move through, along with choices to consider, when starting a Strala studio. We’ll share them with you here.

1) Education. The first step is completing our 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead training, or our 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training, or both.

The intensive and online training programs give a wonderful way to get started. The longer courses add the detailed guidance and expertise to lead your yoga, your work, and your whole life, with confidence and inspiration.

We give these trainings regularly around the world, you can always find our latest schedule here

2) Qualification.  Second, you have to be a strong leader, and excellent at Strala. Working with us through the training time will give everyone a good sense of this, as well as a structure for lifelong progress.

3) Planning.  Once you’ve completed the education and qualification stages, we’re able to plan the best next steps and time frame. Included here is sharing our studio agreement, and strategies for growing in an easy, natural way.

Questions to Consider

There are some useful questions to consider as you move toward opening your own studio. A few of the big ones are how to open, where to open, and who you’ll want to hire. We’ll share a few thoughts on each with you here.

There are many great options here, and the first step might not be renting a space and employing a big staff. People have done really well in everything from a big living room, to renting dance or community centers on a regular schedule, to leasing a regular space full time.

It can also be nice to gain practice and experience by first leading everything on your own, or with a close partner, before you begin hiring teachers and managers. Progressing through each of these steps can be a nice way to let everything grow naturally. Or if you find a place along this path that you love right away, you can just jump right in.

Opening a studio doesn’t need to be a huge risk, leaping into unknown territory. We began in our living room, and moved through each growth step when it felt exactly right to grow. There are lots of things
like this you can do, so what might appear risky to others doesn’t feel risky to you at all. It just feels wonderful.

What You Get

Owning your own strala partner studio means you get to use our name for classes and marketing, you’ll be featured as a Strala Studio on our new website, and you can even produce your own Strala gear and food for sale at your studio store or cafe. There’s an annual fee, and details are covered in our studio agreement.

Whenever you’re trained, qualified, and ready, we’ll share our basic form agreement with you, and then you can get rolling. Also you’re welcome to email, call, or visit us, so we can talk through everything
along the way. Just like with training, we’re here, and we want to help everyone be successful, radiantly healthy, creative, and inspired. It’s why we do what we do.

Most importantly, you gain an experience and platform for sharing something truly amazing with people wherever you are. You’ll going to love this.


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