Anouschka DE

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Thank you for letting us sign up for Advanced Training as our first Stråla. We were in over our heads at the beginning but with loads of daily practice since then, things have really evolved and come together. So of course, it is no surprise to you that after implementing as best as I could “everything”(practice, practice, practice, 20 years and then some) I can report the following magical news!

After opening classes only three weeks ago and making the switch from Iyengar to Stråla, the feedback is beyond expectation. Two yogis with chronic joint pain and more, claim a painless existence for the first time since a decade. Another yogi was unemployed for over 6 months, approaching the age of 60 (tricky situation), just landed a great job that is going to follow her to retirement. Another yogi with real coordination and balance difficulty is managing almost all the poses! It is clear, that is is only the beginning of wondrous connections, joy and happiness.

I can not thank you enough for the learning, the training, the eye opening, and the wealth of well-being that you have taught us. You are both excellent examples. You not only bother to do it right, you get it right. Thank you again and again.