Ingrid Jager-Verhagen

Overveen, The Netherlands

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2017, 200


At the age of 28 Ingrid quit her job in Marketing and Advertising and set out on a journey in search for happiness. Over the years she discovered a.o. that:

– Body, Mind and Spirit are inseperable – Knowledge only becomes wisdom through personal experience – Happiness, peace and health start within – Life itself is our biggest teacher – Being human didn’t come with a manual, because we ARE the manual.

The question that became her common thread in each and every moment of growth and transformation was “Am I fighting what I do not want, or am I creating what I do want?” She discovered that true transformation required not only a shift in perception but also a shift in energy, and that accepting and respecting her own resistance was the key to shift it into flow and new creation. She developed the SHIFTing process to support others to shift their lives from struggle and resistance into flow and creation. It’s a process, not a destiny, just like life itself.

She loves Strala Yoga because it supports her personal values, her passion to celebrate life to the fullest and to discover ancient and create new ways to co-create a life we all love and it supports her mission to inspire and support people to reclaim their personal leadership and health and to create a life they love. She deeply believes that Peace. Is. Possible. One shift, one person at a time.

Ingrid was born in The Netherlands and after 12 years in Singapore she now lives in Overveen with her husband and two sons (her greatest teachers!). She not only loves her three men, her family and friends, but also dark chocolate, the sea, nature and books. She is an extraverted introvert and a realistic dreamer. Her curiosity inspires her to continue learning about Life and the amazing species that we are.

“The more you try to fix it,
the more you reinforce
the belief that it’s broken.”
This simple understanding
will save your life.
– Jeff Foster

“The ones who are crazy to think that they can change the world,
are the ones who do”. ~ Steve Jobs