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Upcoming Events and Trainings

In Person

200+Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tara and Mike - Miami

Miami, Florida

May 8, 2023 - May 21, 2023

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Strala Online 500+Hour Advanced Teacher Training in Tai Chi and Qigong

Online Any Time

January 7, 2023 - December 31, 2023

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Global Guides

Intensive with Maddy and Hannah

Sydney, Australia

March 4, 2023 - March 5, 2023

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Strala Home March Schedule & Events

Every Inhale Creates Space. Every Exhale Moves You In. This is our theme for March. Every moment is an opportunity to feel better, create space, and create a good connection with you those around you. We’re grateful for another wonderful month of practicing with you. We also introduced Strala Hangs with our first online hang out, chatting all things yoga, ease, and Strala Reads. Stay tuned for the next one and let us know what times work best for you.

Women are the Fiercest Creatures by Andrea Dunlop is our Strala Reads for March. If you are in NYC, please come meet up Wednesday, March 8 for a conversation with Tara and Andrea followed by an easy-going yoga practice with Tara.

A great place to connect with everyone is on our Community Board at StralaHome.

We’re happy to let you know the app version of StralaHome, Strala Yoga for iphone android, apple tv, roku, and all the fancy places, has some great updates that you have been asking for including the ability to create multiple playlists of your favorite practices, instead of just one favorites list. Yay!

Please join us for practice and sharing at StralaHome

Strala 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, Miami 2023

What: 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training. This training is a special chance for you to slow down, connect, simplify, and discover new practices for taking good care of you. If you’re looking to lead classes in yoga, tai chi, or carry new approaches, skill-sets and practices into your work, it’s also a Leadership Training that provides a 200+Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

When: Monday 8 May – Sunday 21 May 2023.  If you’re joining as a retreat for you, you’re welcome to arrive early or late, depart sooner or stay longer.  If you’re joining as a leadership training for certification, you’ll want to be here each day.  Also it’s always fine to join these trainings one week at a time, if this is easier for your schedule.

Where: The Standard Spa, Miami Beach.  As a special bonus, we have free Pool and Hammam access Monday through Thursday, and an extra-special rate for weekends!  We’ve been coming here for many years, it’s a magical place to be and share together. Learn more here.


Once a Year Your Special Chance to Make a Good Connection

For Teachers and Practicers, Care-Givers, Parents and Leaders
Make a good connection with you, the people you love, care for, and lead.

Join us in Miami, May 8 – 21, for a very special 200+Hour Strala Yoga Training

We’re bringing the whole team together in Miami this year. You’ll have me for yoga, sequencing, leadership and connection. Mike for tai chi, mobility and harmony, the science of stress and longevity. Sam Berlind for shiatsu connection, right where you need it in everyday practice and life.

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Strala Online 500+Hour Advanced Teacher Training in Tai Chi and Qigong

What: Whether you’re just beginning or looking to begin again, this training gives the foundations, skills, and practices you need, to have the extraordinary benefits of tai chi and qigong in your own life, and to share this meaningfully with others as a teacher. It’s your way to feel better, and do better, in everything you love.

When: This training begins on January 7, 2023, and once it launches you can get started any time, and go all at your own pace. Also once complete, everything remains yours to use a resource for ongoing practice, whenever you want. Join a full year of tai chi and qigong learning and community. We’ll share across all aspects of tai chi and qigong, including healing, martial, and everyday wellbeing. 

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Strala Online 100+Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Strala has been sharing yoga with hundreds of thousands of kids in schools, studios, and homes all around the world, including through our partnerships with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and BOKS.

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How to Handstand with Ease

Why do we bother practicing handstand? You life will not change when you are able to do a handstand, but your life will change when you practice getting to know yourself, in something unfamiliar and challenging. Enjoy this Handstand Workshop designed to leave you feeling fresh, invigorated and ready for the day.


“Strala Yoga is an elegantly simple and sophisticated way to move our breath, and our whole self into the state we need, to create who we want to be:
the optimal expression of ourselves.”

– Dr. Rudolph Tanzi –

Chair of Neurology at Harvard and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital

About Strala Yoga

Strala Yoga combines the movement and healing wisdom of tai chi with the practice forms of yoga, tai chi, qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a way to help people release stress, heal, and move more easily through all kinds of challenge.

Strala Yoga is practiced in more than 100 countries, and thousands of people are leading Strala Yoga in studios, gyms, and schools worldwide. Even more Strala Yoga Training graduates bring what they learn to their office, team, healing practice, and across all of life. It’s an inspiring group of leaders in business and government, art and architecture, schools and families.



Thank you for teaching everyone the tools to heal through your work. I cannot explain how shocked I am that taking your approach has so rapidly changed something that in the past I’ve spent thousands of dollars seeking experts to help “fix” and would have left me in debilitating pain for weeks, followed by significant impairments in day-to-day functioning for months. I am truly grateful to have found Strala. It’s a relief not to have that mental weight of chronic pain, and liberating to know I don’t have to hold so much fear around it.


Nutritionist and Wellness Guide

I have been doing yoga for 30 years. I have had teachers of all kinds. Taking lessons from Tara has been more useful to me than taking yoga from anyone else.

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Mind-Body Medicine Pioneer

Strala is a powerful and revolutionary approach to self-care that decreases our stress burden, supports what’s right with our bodies, and leads to astonishing levels of both health and fitness.Our sense of connection to our true inner self comes naturally with the easygoing process of Strala Yoga. This is the yoga revolution that readily brings spiritual practice into our everyday lives.

Dr. Rudolph Tanzi

Harvard Professor of Neurology and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital