Intensive Training November 18 – 19, 2023, with Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke

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What: Intensive Strala Yoga Teacher Training with Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke.

Where: TreeHouse Bavaria in the Allgäu

When: November 18, 2023

Training Cost: 180 euros. You can click here to register.


Was ist das Strala Yoga Intensive Training?

Im 2-tägigen Intensive geht es darum, wie du dir selber mehr Gelassenheit und Potenzial für deinen Lebensweg schenken kannst. Das gilt für die Yogapraxis sowie auch für alles, was dein Leben sonst ausmacht.

Das Training gibt die Möglichkeit, schlechte Gewohnheiten und unheilsame Verhaltensweisen aufzudecken und den Lebensstil dauerhaft gesundheitsfördernd auszurichten. Mit unterschiedlichen Tools und Bewegungspraktiken lernst Du, wie sich in Körper und Geist entstehender Stress und Anspannung gegen Weichheit und Entspannung eintauschen lassen und wie du daraus Kraft, Potential und Inspiration schöpfen kannst. Leichtigkeit und Entspannung in die anspruchsvollen genauso wie die leichten Situationen des Lebens einzubringen, ist Teil der Praxis, der wir uns mit unterschiedlichen Übungen sowie Raum für Austausch und Reflektion widmen.

Im Strala Yoga Intensive bekommst du einen detaillierten Einblick in die Philosophie von Strala. Mit der Strala Yoga Philosophie kannst du deine Yoga- und Meditationspraxis in eine Meditation in Bewegung transformieren. Du kultivierst einen sanften, kraftvollen, verbundenen und gesunden Körper und Geist. Mit Fokus auf Deine innere Quelle wird Inspiration, Ausstrahlung und Präsenz auch im Außen sichtbar werden.

Strala Yoga is a practice and a philosophy – it includes an art of living, a contemplative practice and healing approaches in equal measure. We learn to reduce excess tension and face the challenges of life with ease and friendliness instead of violence and aggression. We create space for peace, creativity, inspiration and well-being. In this 200h training you will find your way how to share these qualities – whether on the yoga mat or in a completely different environment. You will receive different approaches to integrate the practice into life in multiple ways.

Supporting other people in reducing mental and physical tension, dealing with stress in a meaningful way and learning to move through challenges with harmony, coordination and ease is valuable work. This creates space for healing, recovery and well-being. It is a valuable way to accompany and encourage other people to take care of themselves and take responsibility for their health and their lives. The source of everything is always to be found and cultivated within ourselves: what we do for ourselves becomes a source for other people.



The training takes place in the TreeHouse Bavaria in the Allgäu. The TreeHouse is a place where people come together to develop projects, forge concepts and create something new together.

According to the principle “leave a foot print that matters”, holistic thinking is practiced here.

Artists such as musicians, dancers and writers, actors but also scientists and users of alternative healing methods and mindfulness teachers create, live and experience together here. The essence of the place lies in the interdisciplinary exchange. It is also a place where people can bring or practice awareness into their lives. Through the practice of meditation, bodywork, healthy eating and permaculture, attentive awareness is raised.

The training will take place in the spacious studio of the owner and artist Maximilian Magnus. During the breaks, the spacious garden and an adjacent forest can be used for walks and fresh air, and there are cozy islands of tranquility in the studio to relax inside.


The 200h is led by Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke. This team is occasionally supplemented by other guest lecturers and guides.

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