Welcome to the book corner! I’ve been obsessed with devouring books pretty much since I could walk. When we meet remind me to tell you the story of how I memorized the alphabet backwards for fun when I was 4. It’s a great party trick to roll out right to this day. Diving into a good book and getting lost in an adventure while learning about how we are in this world gives me goosebumps.

I’m honored to share with you my passions and dreams for our collective wellbeing and quest to leave the world a better place. I write for the love of ideas and dreams. My intention is to uplift, delight, and provide a useful process for improvement. Thank you for being here and I hope these pages bring you joy.

Guiding Strala

Guiding Strala is designed to support aspiring and experienced yoga instructors learn how to improve their practice and lead others with the Strala Yoga philosophy: giving the gift of easy, effortless movement rooted in a strong connection to the self.

Strala Yoga

In Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles explains the origin and philosophy of this feelings-based style of yoga, which is spreading like wildfire around the world. Focusing on the power of combining movement with intuition, Tara walks readers through the importance of moving with ease and creating space in their lives.

Make Your Own Rules

Offering up a delightful helping of plant-based meals, juices, smoothies, salads, sides, and desserts, Tara shares healthy spins on not-sohealthy classics, including such dishes as Spaghetti Uh-Ohs, Fit Elvis, and Twinkie Cake.

Make Your Own Rules Diet

Tara has long been a proponent of creating a tension-free healthy life by tapping into the unique needs of her clients. In this new book, she teaches readers how to apply this inward-looking philosophy to themselves.

Yoga Cures

Do you have a headache? PMS? Cellulite? Shin splints? A broken heart? Or do you just need to chill the *&@# out? There’s a yoga cure for each of these things. In Yoga Cures, Tara offers an A-to-Z guide of the poses you can do to target specific problems in your body and get you feeling better right away.

Slim Calm Sexy Yoga

In this comprehensive manual, you’ll find more than 200 body-shaping and lifechanging yoga poses, meditations, breathing exercises, and unique 15-minute routines crafted by yoga superstar Tara Stiles.