Intensive Training with Joana and Eike, November in Berlin

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What: Strala Yoga Intensive Training with Joana Radtke and Eike Feldmann.

Where: YogaZeit Strala Studio, Hauptstr. 69, 12159 Berlin

When: 18 – 19 November 2023

Training Cost: Please click here for info and registration.


“When we allow softness, move with ease, listen and respond to our feelings, we create space. Room for health and progress.” 

… and if we do this together, then it’s all the better and lets us develop our unique individual potential together!

Strala Yoga helps us to simply feel better and practice a yoga practice that allows us to simply be ourselves.

Without manipulation, without stress and strict rules.

We are honored to be able to accompany you on this path!

1. What is this Strala Yoga Intensive Training about?

The two days are about you! For your life, for yoga and so much more.

The intensive training offers a wonderful and generous framework for experiencing, learning and trying out. We would like to support you in allowing and anchoring more ease and serenity in your life.

With a variety of practical elements, exercises on the topics of “softness”, “lightness”, “breath-body connection” and “movement from the center” we experience the principles of Strala Yoga together.

We experience what it means to feel a safe and good connection to ourselves and thus have the opportunity to build great connections with others.

2. Who is the workshop for?

A long, intense weekend is a great moment to reorient yourself!

The training is suitable for you if you are interested in a Strala Yoga Teacher Training and would like to see if you can imagine this path on a smaller stage.

The training is also suitable for you if you simply enjoy Strala Yoga, has already brought you a lot of positive things and you just want to delve deeper into the subject.

This weekend is also aimed at you if you have never had anything to do with yoga before, you are curious and also want to spend a day with lots of great people!

Whatever life situation you find yourself in, you deserve to feel better and to be able to do yoga, which will help you personally.

3. Strala Yoga

Strala Yoga combines elements of yoga with the philosophies and movement teachings of TaiChi, Qi Gong and Shiatsu and teaches us how to strengthen the connection to our intuition, our feelings and our creativity. With the flowing movements, Stråla Yoga is not about achieving perfect poses, but about how we learn to feel inward, to be guided by our (gut) feelings and thus (re)learn to be and to trust our own individual magnificence. We dive into a flow and enjoy the moment!

Strala Yoga was developed by Tara Stiles and is now taught in Stråla Yoga partner studios as well as by guides worldwide.

4. What happens on the day?

In the two days we would like to give you space to experience, try out and experience.

We would like to support you in feeling better, in being able to discover and learn new routines that make sense for you and to be able to discard old behavior patterns that are not so fulfilling for you.

The aim of the intensive training can be to see everyday life with all its challenges and routines as an opportunity to be able to literally “move” things and thereby change them by taking small but conscious steps. With this approach we can achieve more strength, equilibrium and balance in life – in a sustainable way :).

Day 1

These key points await you on the first day of the intensive training (in movement and in dialogue)

  • Meditation to arrive
  • introduction of participants
  • Strala Yoga Flow
  • Exercises and exchange on the topics of softness (softness), lightness (ease), body-breath connection (breath-body-connection)
  • lunch break
  • Exercises and exchange on the Strala Yoga core principles of natural movement (Natural Movement)
  • Good Movement (Moving Well)
  • How do I meet challenges with ease
  • Strala Yoga Flow

Day 2

These key points await you on the second day of the intensive training (in movement and in dialogue)

  • Meditation to arrive
  • Strala Yoga Flow
  • minimum on the move
  • Exercises and exchange on balance in motion
  • lunch break
  • Connect with yourself and others
  • Exercises and exchange on “connection in motion”
  • Strala Yoga Flow


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