200+Hour Training with Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke, April – October 2024 in 4 Modules

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What: 200+Hour Strala Yoga Teacher Training with Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke.

Where: Munich, Ya Wali Healing and Meditation Center

When: April 18 – October 27, 2024 in 4 Modules

Training Cost: Regular price: 3,200 euros
Strala Yoga Intensive graduates: 2,800 euros
50h module Regular price: 850 euros
50h module Strala Yoga Intensive graduates: 800 euros

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The simple things are not always easy. It takes deceleration, simplicity, stillness and gentleness – in and around us. It is only in such an environment that we are able to recognize who we really are and want to be and what resources and treasures we find within ourselves away from routine and everyday noise. Who am I? I would like to? How can I serve?

In this training we embark on a journey in which we create space for inner peace and harmony and release resources for creativity and inspiration. We nurture the connection to ourselves and to others, find sustainable approaches to dealing with stress in a healthy way and a practice that brings lightness and harmony to body and mind. As we cultivate these qualities within ourselves, we can share them with other people in many ways.

Participation in this 200h training enables you not only to live the practice and philosophy of Strala Yoga sustainably, but also to teach and pass it on. And at the same time, the training is of course also available as a retreat to anyone who wants to deepen their practice for themselves.

Strala Yoga is a practice and a philosophy – it includes an art of living, a contemplative practice and healing approaches in equal measure. We learn to reduce excess tension and face the challenges of life with ease and friendliness instead of violence and aggression. We create space for peace, creativity, inspiration and well-being. In this 200h training you will find your way how to share these qualities – whether on the yoga mat or in a completely different environment. You will receive different approaches to integrate the practice into life in multiple ways.

Supporting other people in reducing mental and physical tension, dealing with stress in a meaningful way and learning to move through challenges with harmony, coordination and ease is valuable work. This creates space for healing, recovery and well-being. It is a valuable way to accompany and encourage other people to take care of themselves and take responsibility for their health and their lives. The source of everything is always to be found and cultivated within ourselves: what we do for ourselves becomes a source for other people.


The training is practical and experience-oriented. In addition to theory, impulses and exchange, we primarily go into experience together through practicing, trying out and experimenting. We use the power of learning and growing together in a group.

With the 200h Strala Yoga training, an understanding of the Strala experience is created in order to lead with authenticity on this basis – in a yoga class as well as in another environment. We explore Strala Yoga’s movement vocabulary, which is based on harnessing the connection between breath and body and bringing ease to both calm and challenging situations. In training we look at structure, pace and flow as well as psychology, language and music to explore and understand the practice and philosophy. How can a space for good connection, recovery, and inspiration be created and maintained? How can we access our own resources and help other people access theirs? These questions are not only answered in the training,

The 200h training is divided into four 50h modules:

Module 1 – Focus Practice and Philosophy of Strala Yoga

  • What is Strala Yoga?
  • Background to philosophy and practice* breath, feeling and natural movement – the 3 pillars
  • Vocabulary of Yoga, Tai Chi and Natural Movement
  • 11 Principles of Natural Movement Part 1
  • Tai Chi Mindset
  • Yoga philosophy and history and what can yoga be in the 21st century
  • Strala Yoga intention: use what you have. acknowledge who you are. look for the easier way. stay soft and in the flow. simplify and reduce to focus on the essentials.

Module 2 – Focus Connection and contact to body and mind

  • Create connection – to yourself and others
  • Self-awareness – knowing and leading yourself
  • self care and caring
  • Introduction to touch, support and healing
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Speech and communication (for connection) part 1
  • 11 Principles of Natural Movement Part 2
  • Anatomy and understanding of the body part 1
  • Alignment Philosophy of Strala Yoga
  • Flexibility, stability and mobility
  • dealing with injuries
  • Influence of healing traditions and science: TCM, Shiatsu, Buddhist psychology, neuroplasticity

Module 3 – Focus on teaching and passing on Strala Yoga

  • Be, teach, lead
  • The what, how, why and who
  • create a safe space and a good environment for practice
  • presence
  • use of the voice
  • use of the body
  • Language and communication (in teaching) Part 2
  • Use of music, sound and silence
  • Structure of classes and units
  • general themes (gentle – energize and our own)
  • waves of a sequence
  • Adaptation to special needs and settings (pregnancy, elderly, sick, children, young people, etc.)
  • Anatomy and Body Understanding Part 2
  • Setting boundaries and special encounters in the everyday life of a yoga teacher

Module 4 – Living Strala Yoga practice and philosophy

  • Deepening of movements, postures and transitions
  • Practice as a philosophy of life
  • Introduce Strala Yoga to more areas of work
  • nutrition
  • understanding of health
  • Dealing with stress, challenging situations and illness
  • Overview and classification of yoga, meditation and mindfulness
  • connection between body and mind
  • community / community living
  • Connection to inner work

Between the modules there are 2 1-hour zoom calls for exchange, questions & answers and impulses as a mentor program. You will also have access to videos for your own practice. After each module there is a transfer impulse in order to be able to continue practicing and deepening the practice in everyday life.

We recommend going through the modules one after the other. However, participation in the training is also possible in a different order and as a single module. Modules can also be repeated, supplemented or made up for in the next round of training.


This training is aimed at people who want to teach and pass on Strala Yoga as well as those who want to deepen their own practice. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness teachers are addressed as well as people working in therapy (physical and mental therapies), coaches, pedagogical people and people in the field of social work and other helping professions. The Strala Yoga practice and philosophy is so valuable because it can be transferred to a wide variety of areas and also retains its relevance off the mat.

We are always geared towards meeting everyone where they are at the moment and developing individual solutions that can be applied in practice. So wherever you are right now, this is a perfect place to start. Whether you have been practicing for many years, have not yet found your practice or have just started to engage in yoga, meditation or mindfulness – you are right and good where you are right now.

The Strala Yoga community is diverse and inspiring. The ages range from young people to seniors and there are now not only Strala partners, but also Strala children. People come from a wide variety of countries and cultural and professional backgrounds. Yoga teachers of different styles come together here. Mothers, fathers, daughters and sons, as well as lifelong friendships that often develop during the training. This diversity is a wonderful breeding ground for learning and sharing in this world.

With this training, a wonderful network of national and international Strala Yoga Guides is growing – a community for exchange, development, cooperation and community.


After completing the training you will be issued with a certificate for a 200h Strala Yoga teacher training. You can also register as a 200h guide on the Strala Yoga website and get in touch with the international community of other Strala guides.

If you do not participate in the entire training program, but only in individual modules, you will receive a 50h/100h or 150h certification. Registration with Strala Yoga is possible upon completion of the training with 200 hours.

Further modules and workshops will always provide the breeding ground for further development, knowledge building and personal growth, so that there are always opportunities for continuous education within the Strala Yoga community.

Strala Yoga is part of the RYS (Registered Yoga School).


No previous experience of yoga, meditation or mindfulness practice is required to participate in the training. Whether you have been practicing for many years, have not yet found your practice or have just started to engage in yoga, meditation or mindfulness – you will bring what you need for this training in any case.

We recommend communicating any illnesses or limitations relevant to the training process so that we can address your needs together.


The training takes place in the TreeHouse Bavaria in the Allgäu. The TreeHouse is a place where people come together to develop projects, forge concepts and create something new together.

According to the principle “leave a foot print that matters”, holistic thinking is practiced here.

Artists such as musicians, dancers and writers, actors but also scientists and users of alternative healing methods and mindfulness teachers create, live and experience together here. The essence of the place lies in the interdisciplinary exchange. It is also a place where people can bring or practice awareness into their lives. Through the practice of meditation, bodywork, healthy eating and permaculture, attentive awareness is raised.

The training will take place in the spacious studio of the owner and artist Maximilian Magnus. During the breaks, the spacious garden and an adjacent forest can be used for walks and fresh air, and there are cozy islands of tranquility in the studio to relax inside.


Module 1 – Practice and Philosophy of Strala Yoga 08-11 September 2022

Module 2 – Connection and contact to body and mind November 03 – 06, 2022

Module 3 – Teaching and Sharing Strala Yoga December 8-11, 2022

Module 4 – Living Strala Yoga Practice and Philosophy January 19 – 22, 2023

Module dates for the 2023 training round will follow.


The 200h is led by Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke. This team is occasionally supplemented by other guest lecturers and guides.


Regular price: 3,200 euros Strala Yoga Intensive graduates: 2,800 euros 50h module individually: 850 euros

Catering package: 125 euros per module. The full catering package includes 3 x breakfast, 4 x lunch and 1 x dinner as well as snacks and drinks (water and tea) every day. The meals are vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free on request and are freshly prepared in organic quality.

The above costs do not include travel and accommodation expenses. These are to be organized independently.

A deposit of 650 euros is due upon registration, the balance is due 4 weeks before the start of the training. We enable payment plans if you are currently unable to pay this way. For more information, please contact anna@yoga-liebe.de or info@juliakupke.de


Cancellation up to 8 weeks before the start of the training: 80% refund

Cancellation up to 4 weeks before the start of the training: 60% refund

Cancellation from 4 weeks before the start of the training: no refund


Download the Stråla Yoga app wherever you get your apps for daily practice of yoga, qigong, tai chi, shiatsu, and more. Strala Home (web version) Strala Yoga (app)


Always we’re right here if you need anything, please email us using Help@StralaYoga.com.