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I came into yoga as a teen, already involved in lifetime of contemporary dance. When people ask me about my dance background, they usually assume that must have taken a lot of undoing, a lot of unraveling from rigidity to get to the place I am with my yoga practice and leading. But through massive synchronicity, my training and experience with dance has been the opposite. It has given me a superpower that I share in our trainings: how to lead and simultaneously experience feeling, alongside physical progress through movement, in endless ways without burnout.

When I came to yoga, I was taught there were poses you do to warm up, poses you do after you are warmed up, and poses you do to cool down. This idea of sequencing often ends up in tip-toeing around, guessing about what someone can do when, manipulating body parts from the outside-in to try to make some ideal shape, which is irrelevant and unproductive.

This rigid structure of body parts set into someone’s idea of an ideal shape, it entirely leaves out feeling, intuition, and connection. It abandons the participants and the teacher, who ends up, most often with good intentions, reading Rumi poems about feeling, love, and connection, right before a practice that teaches us to ignore feeling, criticize ourselves, and practice disconnection. From bad to worse, we fall into a more dangerous path of telling someone how they should be feeling, while they are already in a vulnerable and less-powerful position than the teacher. We’ve seen this destructive path play out with not great-intentioned people. It sets the stage for injury and abuse to be the norm. This is not ok. We can do better. We can be better to ourselves and for each other.

Yoga is not dance, but we can learn so much about sequencing, rhythm, theme, variation, visualization, story telling, physical progress and more from an art form that has addressed these topics at its core. I’ve had these essential elements of leading in my pocket for decades, and it’s afforded me a lifetime of leading where I feel super-connected to myself and the people in the class, It’s given me endless and effortless theme and variation, the ability to help people progress physically with a healthy balance of strength, mobility and sustained vitality, and most meaningful to me, help people create an unbreakable connection to noticing how they feel, and the confidence to respond with care and ease.

Yoga has a rich vocabulary. When blended into whole-body whole-self movements rather than stiff poses, it can easily take us to the wide open world within. It’s a beautiful base-layer to explore ourselves, enjoy endless daily adventures of inner and outer strength-building, feel safe enough to release emotionally, and open up space physically.

Yoga is not a performance for an audience. It’s a journey of remembering who we are. And it’s cultivating the physical stamina, focus, and ease in our selves, so we can use our gifts for good and experience connection and joy in life.

I’ve seen this has been so much missing from our yoga and wellness culture. So I teach it in every Strala Training we have, and now I’ve put it all together in this clear, easy-to-follow online training, The Art of Sequencing.

If you lead anything (and we all are leaders) The Art of Sequencing Intensive Training will dramatically improve your leading (giving you practical tools to implement immediately), allow you to reach more people (they will come back and bring everyone they know), and teach you a sustainable way to feel amazing (burnout doesn’t live here), all while you’re leading and growing in your own practice and life.

I lucked into these tools with my genius teachers in dance, feeling, composition, and so much more. Rory Foster of American Ballet Theater, and Eileen Cropley of Paul Taylor, along with many more mentors and teachers I’ve had in the movement and healing arts, have taught and confirmed these processes as ones that have been my secret power. It’s what’s supported me along this path, starting out as a yoga teacher in a culture of conformity and rigidity, giving me staying-relevant power for myself, Strala, and our global community of Guides decades later. What we have to share together here isn’t a gimmick, a media moment, or some marketing strategy. These are real tools that work in your real life, with real people.

I teach these tools in our Strala Trainings both in person and online, because I’ve learned over the years how valuable they are, and how non-existent they are in wellness culture currently (we can change that). We put together this training to help, and to make things easier for you right now, we’re offering half-off through the end of the week.

If you need any extra help, please just let us know. We want you to have these tools, for feeling better, doing better, and making a more meaningful impact right now.

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