IMG_0868 Kendra Varoskovic

Portland, USA

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2015, 200

Intensive Training, 2016, 20


After growing up with an affinity for movement and healing, I spent my academic studies in Athletic Training, and on to a Doctorate Program for Physical Therapy. Throughout this time studying and exploring different modalities for healing, I discovered Strala Yoga. From there I quickly realized how effective this way of movement was at healing on a holistic level, and later found myself in New York completing my first training.

Since then I’ve served as a Strala Guide in residence for Strala Vieques teaching daily classes, and promoting WHotels FIT program with Tara Stiles.  Currently, I offer multiple classes in Portland, and throughout the Greater Portland area in Maine.

Whether you are seeking a physical release from every day stresses,  a way to build natural, coordinated movement, or how to accomplish challenge with ease,  I am excited to be along side you for the ride!

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