Is It Possible to Share Too Much?

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Why do we share? Whether it’s in school or training, online or in person, how do we know when it’s the right time just to listen? And when is sharing good for someone else? When is it good for you?  A couple thoughts come to mind, which might have something to do with unweighting.  It’s possible we could be just a little less responsible, for everything.


1) Take care of you first. I think it’s important not to guess too much about what’s useful for other people, and what’s not.

Really in so many ways, we have no idea about other people’s experience, and what they need, right now. But each person knows about themselves. And when we all come together – whether in our Strala training courses, online, offline, or just out in the world – everyone takes from each other what they need, in ways we couldn’t even begin to guess.


So often you have no idea how you might reach many people, or just one person, in a way that changes everything. It’s why we do all this together. It’s why we’re here, together.


2) Don’t try to get everything right. The idea here isn’t to get anything right. The idea is to share an experience together. So you get to drop the worry about being so good at everything all the time. And you get to drop the weight of being responsible for everyone else.

We never really know what’s best for another person, nearly as well as they know for themselves. We just guess. That’s what diagnosis is, a guess. And of course when you have a good education, and many years of practice in making these guesses, you can get a little better at diagnosis.


Mostly we’re not aiming to get it right for someone else. Really that’s too much responsibility, it’s a big weight to carry. We might never leave the ground with such a heavy weight.


And really things don’t work so well this way. Even if we think it might be nice if someone else would just tell us what to do, where to go, how to be and look and feel – it never really works. We all need to find our own way, in our own body, our own life.

So that’s what we’re doing together here. We’re aiming to support each other, along the path of finding our own way. Things really take off, from here.

– by Mike


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