Should I Stay or Should I Go

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Hi Friends!

Sometimes when things get rough, it’s time to leave. Right now. And sometimes, it’s time to change what’s outside by changing what’s inside. It’s an important choice to make. And my guess is you usually know what to do. You just need to get comfortable with what you know.

This doesn’t make it easy. And there can be lots of noise around what we know. There’s noise that comes from outside, from people we know, and ideas we hear. There’s noise that comes from inside, from layers of our psychology that can stand between our intuition, and a repeating loop of everything that’s happened to us.

Part of our job is to be a filter. We can learn from, inspire, and uplift each other. But we live our best life from inside, and what guides us needs to be our own. So our filter exists to allow in what’s already in.


The ways we help each other most
might not be in our efforts to steer, direct, or change another’s path. Help might be more in our ability
to support each other to connect with our selves.


Another part of our job: sensing the difference between our psychology, and something deeper, something more elementally who we are. It’s the difference between trying to think our way into alignment with our selves, and being in alignment with our selves. This one takes practice.

Our psychology has many layers. It extends back to our beginning. And it keeps us locked in study and analysis. Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to make a decision, even when you’ve studied something a great deal, read many books about it, and examined it from every angle? Decisions become easy when we think less and feel more. When we get out of our own way, and allow feeling to arise from the deepest layers of who we are. An unbounded collective of experience and perception.

Now here’s a practical thought. People tend to leave once they have a better place to go.

This might not be our best approach. And it’s the wrong approach if where we are is harming us. But if it’s less critical than immediate harm, fighting against nature is sometimes not needed. There’s another way.


Be where you are.

Make it good by making you good.

Go when you have a place that calls you to go.


Which brings up a second thought. It’s not a great use of effort to try to change what you can’t change.

People, jobs, companies, are often on this list. If you find yourself worrying about what you can’t change, find a way out. And to find a way out, you’ll need a new focus. You. Focus on you. Not what everyone else is doing. You.

How you feel about where you are, how you perceive your relationships and reality, is created by you. It’s created by how you move through your life, and around your connections with others. So this is something to play with.


To change how you feel about where you are,
change how you move through where you are.


With an important exception. If you’re in a harmful situation, it’s not time to play. It’s time to leave. You’ll know if you’re there. Slow down, breathe deep, tune in. Listen to what you hear, and take action.

– Mike


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